Fixing Blackscreen Everywhere on Debian 12 using NVidia 3080 12gb
I've bought a new setup (computer, monitor, etc) from my brother yesterday. A huge upgrade from my 7 year old Desktop, lmao.

Tried installing Debian 12. Install went great, but I was getting Blackscreen everywhere immediately after the GRUB bootloader echoed some basic outputs (right before the graphics are initiated).

So as a personal note for future reference and the off chance somebody needs this.. here's how to fix it!

The issue:
Blackscreen or Very Dark Gray Screen (may flicker) after GRUB screen. Using CTRL+ALT+F2 (to switch to TTY mode) does *NOT* work (still Blackscreens)

The solution:
1. Power off. Then power on.
2. Once GRUB loads, press down on keyboard to stop it from auto-booting
3. Navigate down on keyboard to pre-select  "Advanced Options for..."  Do *NOT* press Enter. Just be hovered over it
4. Press e on your keyboard to bring up GRUB's built in editor for the Advanced Options
5. The config file to how Grub will boot Debian will be shown
6. Using the arrow keys, navigate until you see the following...
7. Change that text to now be this...
quiet nomodeset
8. Now press F10 to save and exit. This will apply the new config file for the next boot *ONLY*.
9. You should be at a screen where you can select to boot regular Debian 12 or Debian 12 in recovery mode.
10. Choose regular Debian 12
11. Debian 12 will boot but using BIOS graphics.
12. Log in as root and open a terminal, run the following commands
apt update
apt upgrade
apt install nvidia-detect
13. Once nvidia-detect has been installed, run it...
14. The program will output a list of package(s), that you will need to install. For me it was just nvidia-drivers. You may have more or different packages
15. Install all the packages that were listed!!!
16. Once all packages are installed, reboot your computer.
17. GRUB will be back to using the original/default config file and you should now see that the graphics are fixed once Debian 12 boots.

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