How To BYPASS MKW Lounge's Security Measures
Hi all, to start this thread, I would like to explain to you how Lounge operates, and how they go about banning people.

A couple of important things:
- Staff reserve the right to ignore, or straight up ban you without explanation most of the time.
- Staff may become invasive, requesting unorthodox information. (e.g. - location information, past history online, etc.)
- Staff finding ANY reason to believe you're an alt, you will usually be questioned, or just straight up banned.
- Staff are very aware of these methods, and the bypass that is commonly used (sorry, my fault).

Anyways, with all of that being said, here is a comprehensive guide on bypassing Lounge and FriendBot's security measures.

- Access to changing your router's IPv4, or a mobile hotspot.
- Capable of running codes. (Ocarina, USB GX Loader, Riivolution)
- Aged socials (e.g, - Discord, Twitch, Twitter, YouTube)

Step 1 - Cleaning up old info after a ban

You just got banned from Lounge, and it's a very long one. Many people in the community know of your ban, and you want to start playing again. Unfortunately, erasing your history on the game isn't as easy as it should be, so here are the steps you should take to ensure you can delete MOST of what you know could be used against you in the case of showing old habits on your new account.
Attempt to do the following:
- Erase your MKW save data (FC's)
- Remove any Mii's from your console that may link to you
- Delete information from your socials! (very important) such as YouTube, Twitch, and Twitter.
- Cut contacts from the community, or minimally contact with community users.
- Change Wii information (crucial, follow next steps)

To understand why it's so important to follow steps such as this, think about how the community is so close to each other and usually knows every player, that is what you're trying to break away from, and acting like you understand anything of that sort once joining on a new account, will immediately put you on a suspicion list in the entire community (especially if you're a high tier player).

Step 2 - Bypassing with New Information

In order to even get PAST the security checks, you will need to change some information to stay safe from the prying eyes of the Lounge staff members. 
The only staff who can view FriendBot information are Bosses & Arbitrators (LT, HT, RT, CT).

In order to bypass FriendBot's checks, these are what you need to change:
- MAC Address
- Wii ID
- IP Address
- Discord Account

This is ALL you need to bypass FriendBot's checks, and it's fairly simple to do as well.

1. Changing your MAC address is very simple. You can do it in 2 ways, you can either:
- Use a LAN Adapter (Wired connection)
- Use the Wireless MAC Address (A new Wii is required for MAC address to change if connecting wirelessly)

Personally I recommend using a LAN adapter, they're fairly cheap and easily replaceable, if you really care about consistently ban evading this will be your best alternative.


2. Changing your Wii ID is even more simple. 
- Follow Vega's Wii ID NAND Modifier -
- If you also have access to the NWC24 developer tool, you can generate it from there as well.
Apply new Wii ID, and you're done.

3. Changing your IP address is not so easy, here's why:
Your internet provider may provide STATIC IP addresses, meaning you'll have to ask for a new router. Call your ISP, and claim you need a replacement router for the purpose of your IP being logged on an unwanted service. If done successfully, your IP should change, and you're good to go.

For all the dynamic routers, it is usually very easy to change your IP. Simply unplugging your router for 30 minutes - 1 hour, and plugging it back in will usually do the trick. Some routers may require that you go on the admin panel, and "Release" and "Renew" the IP(DHCP Lease).

Not able to do either of those? Well, simply use your phones hotspot. The only downside to this is you cannot use a LAN adapter, so if you don't have a MAC address that hasn't been used on a Wii, then you're out of luck. Restart your phone, and turn on your hotspot. Most hotspots usually change to different states, so be careful when logging in, it may look very suspicious.

Personally, if you plan to do this long term, or want an easy way to change your IP in general, I recommend you use the TP-Link AC1200 router if your ISP allows 3rd party routers, and is dynamic.

Once you've verified your IPv4 is changed via WhatIsMyIP, you can move onto the final step.

4. Discord Accounts
This is a bit tricky, considering staff usually believe: "New Discord account = suspicious/probably alt". However, there is a way to circumvent this.

Currently, the best way to get a Discord account that looks aged and legit would be to find one, or buy one. Personally, I buy my Discord accounts, and they're usually great quality. Something that's at least 2 years of age will do the trick, so don't worry too much about going all out on some 2016 account. Tongue
(I recommend you research markets on your own, or try to find a friend that is willing to give you their alt account.)

Step 3 - Joining Lounge

You've finally done everything and you're ready to join Lounge, but there are some important things you need to do, and remember before going in.

- Join the Discord from a PUBLIC link!
Joining the Discord from a YouTube link, rather than the permanent link in their Discord, or from one of your friends, will prove helpful in the long run. If staff ever ask you how you joined, you immediately know how to answer.

- Get some activity on your license first!
Staff will sometimes check your playtime on Wiimmfi if they deem you suspicious, and may use it against you when looking into your account, have at least 10 hours of playtime on WW's before joining if you really want to make sure you get in with no issues! The more time spent making your alt looking like a new person, the better chance they'll believe you.

- Connect some aged socials!
Notoriously, staff will do a LOT of background checking on you before letting you in. If you connect older socials that align with your Discord's join date, or are even older, then you have a higher chance of being let in. Find an old YouTube, Twitch, or Twitter to connect that has history on it! The more socials, the better, and faster you'll be given your roles.

- Stay low profile!
Even if you may have previously enjoyed interacting with the community, or being toxic, you CANNOT afford to show that you're acting like your original account. People will consider you suspicious if you act like you know how everything normally runs, and you may be targeted for a potential further investigation on your account.

- Good players, stop playing good.
This goes without saying, but if you're a good player (platinum or above) I suggest you lay low for a season (6 months~) before showing your epic skillz. Unfortunately in the community, if you're a good player and no one knows who you are, you are IMMEDIATELY known as an alt, and in some cases, you will get your roles removed, and be pending investigation.

After noting and being ready to follow these steps, you are now ready to join the server. Once you join, verify your FC in the designated channel, and wait for a staff member to give you your roles. If you haven't received your roles within a few days, I recommend typing in "#waiting-room" and asking why you can't see any channels yet, sometimes staff are just lazy and haven't bothered going thru the process of verification.

Conclusion & Whitty banter

Hope the guide works out for you, and stay safe in the competitive community. I love this side of the community where people are looking to learn and innovate, rather than kill the chances of the community ever growing (example, world cup when ludwig was streaming...) and people just ruin it for everyone.

That is how the competitive side of this community will ever be, and will always be. Guess it's good that Lounge is pretty much dead in a year, right?

- Vega [Wii ID NAND Modifier Code]

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