Customizing Hide-and-Seek-Mod (General Assembly related Questions)
Thank you for the great ressources you gave me. I have now managed to get everything done.
I was wondering how to disable certain player icons on the minimap.

Let's say you want to show the minimap for a hider and hide every other hider on the map (so what he/she sees is him-/herself and the seekers but not the location of other hiders)

Where are minimap icons initialized and how would I hide those particular icons?
I have thourougly studied all the documentation and as I already have access to the minimap object I think it'd be best to work with that.

I have found
  /* 0x68 */ UIControlCollection m_children;



struct UIControlCollection {

    void init(UIControl* parent, int count);
    void set(int index, UIControl* control);

    /* 0x00 */ UIControl** m_children;
    /* 0x04 */ UIControl** m_children2;
    /* 0x08 */ UIControl* m_parent;
    /* 0x0C */ UIControl* m_root;
    /* 0x10 */ int m_count;


So I assume this way I could access the child objects (PlayerIcons) of the minimap.

What I still have trouble understanding is:
1) How do I iterate through all child objects?
2) How do I get the pids so I can add those objects to the data for each individual player?

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