Countdown v2.0 not working with WSZST
I noticed that if I encode the Countdown Code (gct) with WSZST, it doesnt work that well. If the timer runs out, you will stop driving and may have to wait, until the CPUs having no more time. Normally the race should end but this doesnt happen, even after letting it run for like 5min. 

I use GeckoLoader to encode it, which seems to work on dolphin only. On Console you will only get a blackscreen after starting. i tried everything, but nothing worked. I dont want to remove Countdown because it is such a cool gamemode. Any solution ?
By the way: GeckoLoader doesnt work with ANY code at all. It always freezes
This topic is discussed here. As far as I can tell the patching process is correct. So it must be the cheat code or something else.

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