Item Tracker [Bully]
Stores your current item at 0x8000XXXX.

Item values:

Nothing = 14
Green Shell = 0
Red Shell = 1
Banana = 2
Fake Item Box = 3
Mushroom = 4
Triple Mushroom = 5
Bob-omb = 6
Blue Shell = 7
Lightning = 8
Star = 9
Golden Mushroom = A
Mega Mushroom = B
Blooper = C
Cloud = E
Bullet Bill = F
Triple Green Shell = 10
Triple Red Shell = 11
Triple Banana = 12


C27ADEE8 00000002
3D808000 988CXXXX
90830004 00000000

C27BC948 00000002
3D808000 988CXXXX
90830004 00000000

C27BBFB4 00000002
3D808000 988CXXXX
90830004 00000000


C27ADD08 00000002
3D808000 988CXXXX
90830004 00000000

#inject at 0x807ADEE8 NTSC-U
#inject at 0x807BC948 PAL
#inject at 0x807BBFB4 NTSC-J
#inject at 0x807AAD08 NTSC-K

lis r12, 0x8000 #prepare r12 for addreses
stb r4, 0xXXXX(r12) #store item at your desired offset
stw r4, 4(r3) #default instruction
Won't this apply for when other players get items too?
Yes this will. He's using the same Insertion/Hook address form this old code -

Since this effects CPUs too, I don't see the purpose in this code (not trying to sound rude fyi). Even if it didn't effect CPUs, there are so many other Insertion/Hook addresses from other older/legacy codes that can accomplish this. Thus, there's really no need to have an Item-store-to-EVA code in any of the 2 code sub-forums.

Moved thread to code support/help/requests since I don't see the need of having this in any of the two codes sub-forums. I also fixed credits on thread title because its obvious Bully could have made this almost a decade ago when he made the code that I linked above.

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