Mario Kart Wii - Service Pack (MKW-SP)
Hello all,

First of all I want to thank you Stebler and also all other modders who created MKW-SP. I have some questions about the project, especially the upcoming online mode:

1. when the online service is there, will our wiis be protected from security vulnerabilities that can cause a wii-Brick?
2. Speaking about the online mode, will you only focus on friend rooms or do you implement a VR/BR system for public lobbies, similar to normal online gameplay?
3. you are creating a new online code for a server that focus client-server (and server-client) communication. Since the MKW-SP code is open-source, will the server code also be open source?

Maybe some of these questions come too early, so I can understand if you can't or don't want to answer some questions yet.

Nevertheless, I would be very happy about an answer Smile .
1. I'd imagine there will be pentests before release.
2. There will be a master server for matchmaking.
3. The server code will be open-source, yes.

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