Race Doesn't Finish
Race Doesn't Finish

Offline: Race instantly ends, you get last place. You (along with all the other computers) can keep racing with item usage.

TT: TT instantly ends. Character will cheer. Time will be perfect zeroes with a flap time of 99:59.999. Ghost will NOT be created. Time of perfect zeroes will be saved on Time Scroll screen.

Online: Not 100% confirmed. It's known that the race starts normally but when you finish, the race itself won't finish and will DC everyone in the room. It probably won't have that same effect on Wiimmfi.

0452E968 3800000F
0452E9C8 2C00000F

045334B0 3800000F
04533510 2C00000F

04532E30 3800000F
04532E90 2C00000F

04521508 3800000F
04521568 2C00000F

Code creator: ?

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