MKW LAN Mod Guide [w/ USB Loading & Gecko Codes]
(09-06-2021, 11:09 PM)InvoxiPlayGames Wrote:
(09-06-2021, 01:56 PM)Yuri Bacon Wrote: Now, if there was a way to make this work by loading a GCT off the SD instead of baking it right into the module, then that'd be perfect.

This is definitely do-able, albeit codes like "automatically press A on strap screen" won't work - you'd want to make sure libfat, libfat-sd and libsd are loaded, and make a module that hooks OSLink, to load the GCT into the above memory address then call onto the original OSLink.

Something a bit like this: (this is psuedocode for all intents and purposes, this will not compile + run without a bit of tweaking, I wrote this in 30 seconds in Notepad)
int OSLinkHook(void* addr1, void* addr2) {
    int fd = SD_Open("sd:/codes/RMCP01.gct");
    SD_Read(fd, 0x800028B8);
    return OSLink(addr1, addr2);

If you need help making a module that does this, reach out to me on Discord - InvoxiPlayGames#0161 - I'll gladly help you out with it there. (or if you want me to do the work for you, I wouldn't mind whipping something up quickly when I get spare time, although there's a lot of fun in learning!)

I figured I'd need those libraries. I can toy with it when I have some time, but I just got other stuff going on this week. If you make it instead that's awesome. Honestly, I'm surprised this wasn't already a thing, seems like a big oversight to me.

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