[REQUEST] How to get the profile address of the current player?
For a LE-CODE cheat code I need a function to get the address of the profile (save data) of the current player. Alternatively it is ok to get the index of the current player, because I know how to get the address by index:

ADDRESS := [809BD748] + INDEX * 0x93f0 (PAL)
I think I got it (not verified)

Base addresses:
PAL: 0x809bd748
USA: 0x809B8F88
JAP: 0x809BC7A8
KOR: 0x809ABD88

Base_addresses is a pointer to a structure with at least 0x38 bytes. The short value at offset 0x36 gives you the index of the current player.
EDIT: Disregard my post, I misread yours. Apologies and thank you Seeky.

Regarding save data, the game does the following to get the pointer to the save data once its loaded into memory

lis r3, 0x809C
lwz r3, -0x7078 (r3)
lwz r3, 0x0014 (r3)

lis r3, 0x809C
lwz r3, -0x28B8 (r3)
lwz r3, 0x0014 (r3)

lis r3, 0x809C
lwz r3, -0x3858 (r3)
lwz r3, 0x0014 (r3)
lis r3, 0x809B
lwz r3, -0x4278 (r3)
lwz r3, 0x0014 (r3)

substitute r3 with w/e register you need to use.

For player index, stebler uses the following in his pretty speedometer~

PAL using r4
.set ptr_raceData, 0x809bd728
# get the player index from the first hud slot
lis r4, ptr_raceData@ha
lwz r4, ptr_raceData@l (r4)
lbz r4, 0xb84 (r4)
I think Wiimm meant the save file index? The code you sent from stebler gives the race player index
Finally got a chance to check my old documentation and the address + offset Wiimm gave seems correct (for PAL, at least, didn't check the others)

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