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Just an Aimbot.

Because of leaking, I have decided to release my codes.(What a toxic community)
Good luck!

If you can port this and works perfectly, please comment and move/edit this thread.

040016C8 3F800000
040016CC BF800000
040016D0 00000000
040016D4 3F000000
2834XXXX 0000YYYY
C27EE614 00000003
3DE08000 5460063E
1E600004 926F1534
60000000 00000000
C25B4FA0 0000004B
D2810058 D2A1005C
D2C10060 D2E10064
D3010068 D321006C
D3410070 D3610074
D3810078 D3A1007C
D3C10080 D3E10084
3DC0809C 81CE0958
81CE0020 3E408000
C232153C 82721534
7DCF7378 7DCE9A14
3E608034 A273XXXX
2C13ZZZZ 40820024
82721530 2C130000
40820010 82721538
3A730004 92721538
3E608034 A273XXXX
2C13ZZZZ 40820010
3A600001 92721530
4800000C 3E600000
92721530 82721538
82521534 7C139000
3E408000 4082000C
3A730004 92721538
A26FFFF6 82521538
7C129800 3E408000
4080000C 41820008
4800000C 3E600000
92721538 82721538
7DEF9A14 81EF0000
81CE0000 81CE0024
81EF0024 81CEFFF8
81EFFFF8 81CE0008
81EF0008 81CE0008
81EF0008 39CE0010
39EF0010 7C0EF000
40820104 C29E0068
C2BE0070 C2CF0068
C2EF0070 FED4B028
FEF5B828 FE20B210
FE40BA10 D2321520
D2521524 3D8045A4
81D21520 81F21524
7C0E6000 418100C8
7C0F6000 418100C0
2C0E0000 418200B8
2C0F0000 418200B0
FF1605B2 FF3705F2
FF38C82A FF40C890
C37216D0 C39216D4
FFA0D090 3A200064
7E2903A6 EFDBE82A
FC1AF800 41820010
40800010 FFA0F090
4200FFE4 48000010
FF60F090 4200FFD8
FF20B890 FED6F024
C21216CC FED005B2
FEF7F024 FEF005F2
C23216D0 C25216C8
FC198800 4181000C
FEF7902A 48000020
FEF7E028 FEE0B850
FEF7E02A FF00B090
FEC0B890 FEE0C090
48000004 D2DE00F4
D2FE00FC C2810058
C2A1005C C2C10060
C2E10064 C3010068
C321006C C3410070
C3610074 C3810078
C3A1007C C3C10080
C3E10084 EEE2282A
60000000 00000000
E0000000 80008000

XXXX: Controller
YYYY: Activate Button
ZZZZ: Change Target

mdmwii for store P1 index address and Coordinate Pointer.
DarkFlare for his Aimbot Algorithm in MK8.

Maybe, this code can be more shorter using Wii's fsqrt function instead of Newton method for calculating distance.
Love your codes
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(07-24-2021, 04:21 PM)Star Wrote: Love your codes

Love your codes too

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