PowerPC For Dummies: A simplified guide to understanding the PowerPC Instruction Set
I'm the type of person who has an extremely tough time learning complicated things unless every single aspect of it is explained to me in full detail. PowerPC Instructions being one of them, you would not believe the struggles I had trying to learn how the "load word zero" and "store word" instructions worked.

But the point is, a lot of other people have these issues as well. I know that there are a lot of people who have wanted to make codes for Wii games but stopped after not having any clue on how the instructions worked. Even some of the "simple" guides I have found are complex and assume you know exactly how it's supposed to work. Even some of the examples make no sense, to me at least. But I've spent a very long time trying to learn the very basic syntaxes of how some of the instructions work. And I've actually made a lot of progress. 

So I have put together a page called "PowerPC For Dummies". It's a page that lists a very large majority of the instructions and simplifies them to the point where (for the lack of a better sentence) even braindead individuals such as myself can understand!

Of course, it isn't done yet, but I have a fair amount of the first set complete. And I plan to add more instructions and examples to it!
I am posting it here because I thought that it could possibly help some people. (I'll be honest, even with the guides on this site, there are still some things I have trouble understanding).

I'm aware that the register order is often "rD --> rA, etc." but for the sake of simplicity the order on the guide is based on the order of the registers (ex: First Register in an instruction = Register A, Second = Register B, etc.)

Here is the link to the guide!
PowerPC For Dummies! - A Simplified PowerPC Instruction List

If anything in the guide is wrong, let me know and I will change it.

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