How would i write "if x==some value and y==some value" in a gecko code?
The title explains everything.
"In a gecko code" as in Gecko Code type? It would be easier to write it using Assembly (C2 codetypes).

For Gecko Code Types that are not the C2 type, there are plenty of "If codes" and "end-ifs" you can use -

But this would be more inefficient and difficult than just using Assembly with multiple C2 types. I don't know how much Assembly that you already know btw.

.set some_value, 0xXXXX #Fill in the value
cmpwi rX, some_value #rX for "X"
cmpwi cr7, rY, some_value #rY for "Y"
crand 4*cr0+eq, 4*cr0+eq, 4*cr7+eq
beq- both_are_equal #Branch will be taken if X & Y == some val

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