How to Register + Lost Password Recovery
How to Register~

IMPORTANT: Read the following two links first! They are the site's disclaimer and rules. (Disclaimer) (Rules)

To prevent both bot and human spam, registration on the forums is a bit tedious. Considering that the MKWii gecko-coding scene is pretty inactive, if somebody (legit) really wants to register, then here's how...

1. Download this HBC application ->

If desired to check download validity, here's the sha256 checksum - 380ee34044046c272465f641d395e39a3a8910ece43d631471aa46b735ec17a2

2. Unzip the download, inside the mkwiicomapp folder is a mkwiicom folder.
3. Move the mkwiicom folder to the apps folder of your SD/USB device.
4. Launch the HBC app.
5. You now have the pass phrase necessary to complete registration

To discourage alt-ing and/or ban circumvention, total registrations are limited to 1 per day.

Recovering Account due to Lost/Forgotten Password

There is no email server/service included with the forums. If you attempt to click on the 'Lost your password' link and follow the instructions, you will never receive an email. So here are the steps to recover your account~

1. Make a brand new account, follow the registration procedure.
2. Send me a Personal Message with the following contents...

- The name of your original account
- The IP Address that was most recently used on your original profile or the IP that was used for that profile when it was first registered.

NOTE: The IP address must be an exact match.

Once I see that the IP address you have given me is a match, I will then merge your new account with your old account. Thus you will now have your original name again, but with the password of the new account.

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