Load Any Data Save [Vega]
Load Any Data Save [Vega]

This code will allow you to load any data save to play on without having to change disc/iso. Everything works: your unlocks, TT records, wifi info, etc. I added in my 'Disable Data Save Region ID Check' Code or else you will get a prompt about changed Country/Region Settings blocking you from playing.

XXXX values (ASCII):
American Data Save = 3435
PAL Data Save = 3530
Japanese Data Save = 3461
Korean Data Save = 3462

0228A756 0000XXXX
0453F3EC 7C601B78

0228EA96 0000XXXX
04544928 7C601B78

0228E436 0000XXXX
045442A8 7C601B78

0227CA96 0000XXXX
04532980 7C601B78

16 bit write: XXXX overwrites the two ASCII bytes that is the file path used by NANDOpen
32 bit write: 'rlwinm r0,r0,20,28,31' instruction changed to 'mr r0, r3' #Tell game Region ID's are a match

Code creator: Vega
this is really nice, thx vega no need to port my data save anymore when switching to different iso
Discord: Alina.#6309
Twitter: @RMCW01

[Image: Screenshot_2021-02-15_184623.png]
Very epic.
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