Change combo after track vote
(06-15-2023, 07:55 AM)lschlick Wrote: The code literally doesn't work though...

Steps to reproduce: Enable this gecko code and the wiimmfi patcher gecko code. Join a wiimmfi room. Choose flame runner. Hold down on the d-pad when a track is selected. Observe that you still have flame runner instead of magikruiser.

Am I doing something wrong?

You might be using the wrong region
Code was only tested (as with most online codes I've made) on a "clean" ISO using DWC-emulator. Online codes that are being used on Wiimmfi public WWs/Battles should be expected to *NOT* work.

On that note, if public online services ever come for MKW-SP, then all online codes on this forum will *NOT* work.
I can't tell if he meant that he went into a public room or a private friend room. But if that's the case, it seems that it wouldn't have mattered anyway

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