Updating the font color for Coder/Dev role
Colors chose for POLL have been done. Vote here -> https://mkwii.com/showthread.php?tid=1615

Recently most of guys might have noticed some users have gotten the Coder/Dev role. I decided just to use the color Yellow and didn't think much about it after that.

So... this is going to be the chance to get a different color set if Yellow gets a lot of 'hate' in this thread.

What I need from you guys---

Give me your top 3 favorite colors you would use for the role's font. I prefer for you to post the Hex codes of the colors.

https://htmlcolorcodes.com you can use this tool to get the hex code

After this thread has aged for idk a week or so.. I'll use top 3 colors that are mentioned the most (or similar colors) and do a poll. I already got Star's top 3 colors.
1) #FB00FF
2) #FF8000
3) #0008FF
1. #9292FD (same colour used for the banner lines on MKW)
2. #F2EB47 (same colour used to identify player 1 on MKW)
3. #E3008C (just comes from my personal preference)
#3CCB77 - same color as discord role
#0E9CDA - it look good
#F1662A - it also look good
1. #00FFC9 (My Favorite)
2. #EBE114 (Looks like Gold)
3. #64FF00 (also good)
1. #FF0E0E
2. #0D21F5
3. #3EFF3B

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