Miis from the Chinese LC Top 10
Here are all the Mii files from the Chinese LC Top 10. Had these on my hard drive for years. I got these from Maschell's Top 1000 Rankings (3rd link on ninrankings.org). Unfortunately, nobody has any ghost files of any Chinese times. Fyi here's a incomplete chart of the Chinese Top 10's - https://mkwii.com/showthread.php?tid=118

Download - https://mkwii.com/downloads/chinesemiis.zip
Checksum of download - https://mkwii.com/downloads/chinesemiisSHA256.txt

The data from each Mii for each time was in the URL string. Simply took the Mii data and plugged it into a Mii editor and exported as a .mae file.

Using the info HERE in regards to the Client IDs of the Miis, you can get the MAC Addresses of the iQue Chinese Wiis that were used for these times, lol. Also due to the 9th ranked player having a Mii name in Simplified Chinese (that no publicly released MKW  disccan read), we know the iQue Chinese Wiis had their own unique Mii Channel capable of reading and applying Simplified Chinese characters. This obviously means those Wiis had their own unique Wii Menu file in Simplified Chinese, and the Chinese MKW disc is the only disc to have the font file to read those characters.

Fun fact, those fancy asterisks you see on Clover's Mii? Those are part of the Korean Mii Channel, not just the unreleased Chinese Mii Channel.
i wanted this for a long time thanks for posting Smile

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