Comments about the "Please READ before posting any Code bugs/issues" thread
I can't reply to the "Please READ before posting any Code bugs/issues" announcement thread ( ) so I'm making a new thread because I have some comments about that; if it's in the wrong sub forum please move it. 

Quote:However in the era of post-Nintendo WiFi, most users play MKWii on the Wiimmfi service, which can lead to many issues. The Wiimmfi Service has many security patches that can cause a code to be buggy or not work at all. In fact, certain popular/infamous codes have been blocked specifically. This can still effect offline-only codes (due to loading via some Wiimmfi-patching system/app)!
It does suck that Wiimmfi (plus corresponding Wiimmfi patchers) can cause certain codes to malfunction, but it is what it is.

1) just loading the game through a Wiimmfi patcher doesn't load any updated code at all, except for the code that downloads the actual update from Wiimmfi. Loading the game through a Wiimmfi patcher and NOT going online and just playing in offline mode does, to my knowledge, NOT influence any cheat codes from working at all. 

2) To my knowledge, going on Wiimmfi and only playing in friend rooms shouldn't influence any cheat code either. Wiimmfi may not let you connect if you are using cheats to spoof your identity, but it doesn't break any cheat codes. 

We specifically try to not affect offline cheating and cheating in friend rooms where cheating is allowed, so I'm surprised about that statement. Of course, breaking certain cheat codes in WW races might be a nice unintended side effect, but at least for friend rooms. we are regularly testing cheat codes on Wiimmfi, and we've never run into issues with cheats not working. 

Is there any cheat code that is known to break in offline mode just because it is running on a Wiimmfi-patched ISO?
And is there any cheat code (except for identity spoofing or stuff like that) that breaks in friend rooms on Wiimmfi but works in friend rooms on AltWFC?
Thank you for clarifying some details. I'll update the thread.

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