New HBC MKW Unlocking App (V-Unlock by Vega)

Author: Vega

The first ever Wii Homebrew Application for unlocking everything in Mario Kart Wii.

Download (v0.5) -
Sha256 checksum if desired -
Vid Demo ->
GitHub Repo ->

I've decided to take the work I did on my cheat code 'Perfect License Unlock & VR+BR Modifier' and implement that into a Wii Homebrew Application. I call it V-Unlock.

*Unlocks every character, vehicle, cc, and cup for your licenses.
*If a particular license isn't made (blank), it will be created and have everything unlocked.
*Options to set 9999 VR and BR.
*Options to set 100% Wii Wheel stat, and it will stay there even if you don't use the Wii Wheel**
*Not only is every license unlocked, but if you have other MKWii Data Saves on your Wii, they are all unlocked as well.

**For brand new license(s) that were created by the app (if you chose to set 100% Wii Wheel stat), the license(s) within the license settings of the game will say its 0%. This is not a bug with the app and this only occurs because there are no races/battles logged in for said brand new license(s). Once 1 race/battle of any kind has been preformed, the percentage will now be at 100% (and stay there unless later modified by the app again) and you will have the golden Wii Wheel icon online when using the Wheel.

Click on the download link. Once downloaded, unzip it. Then unzip There is now a V-Unlock folder (that contains 3 items). Move the V-Unlock folder into the apps folder of your SD card. Insert SD into Wii, launch HBC. Launch the app and follow the on-screen instructions.

What's been tested:
A couple of users have reported that the app does indeed work on the Wii U. This app also works on Dolphin (only tested thru Virtual SD using open source HBC channel thru System Menu). Personally the app did not run at all for me via Dolphin's feature of directly booting the boot.dol. However, this is extremely likely a Dolphin-related issue since I am unable to use the latest dev-build version of Dolphin.

What's untested:
*Never been tested if HBC loads apps from a USB stick instead of an SD card
*Never been tested on older HBC versions (before 1.1.0)

Note:  If you have issues with the latest version (0.5), you can try out the previous/old version (0.4.1) below~

Old Version Download (v0.4.1) ->
Old Version Sha256 checksum if desired ->
Amazing, but why stop there? Why not make other codes patchable? Almost like a mod menu! #1~
It's simply not something I want to do. All my HBC apps are implemented with a lot of inline ASM. So very complex stuff is not a possibility for me. I'm terrible at writing in C.

Other than various Code Patching, what other ideas do you have for HBC apps?
Awesome, Great work
Really nice stuff Vega

EDIT: Tested works great!
Thanks guys!

What I will implement next for v0.3 (if laziness doesn't take over lol)

- Ability to choose whether or not to also do the VR/BR mods.
- Ability to choose whether or not to preform 100% Wii Wheel stat
- Make app work with Classic Controller
- Maybe implement an Auto Exit out the app as long as no Error Occurs
- Better looking icon.png, yes I know the current one is trash

v0.3 is now out, download links updated.

Changes done for v0.3 (everything I mentioned in previous post)
- Added extra on-screen options for whether or not to do VR+BR mods, and Wii Wheel stat mods.
- Classic controller support added.
- App auto exits with a brief message after it has been ran
- Upgraded icon.png
dope as fuck. really convenient for setting up a new wii, thanks Vega.
Thx, version 0.4 is now released. There was a bug I found where the Star rank selection could be modified unwillingly if you backed from the Wii Wheel screen (to VR/BR selection) and re-entered and then proceeded. So that's fixed now. I also added a 'fancy' printf-made 'graphic' on the main menu. The source is now included in the master download for those who know PPC.

Preview pic of Main menu now (sorry for my crappy cellphone camera quality) -
is it normal that me and my brother's license are all blank?

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