Question about item-cheats and possible online bans
Hi guys,

I would like to mod my Wii to be able to cheat items for my offline shortcut trainings which would save much time obviously. I have never done anything like that and it will be my first try. I will use the guide in the forum here.
But before I start I am concerned about a possible online ban because of that. I don't want to use them online and just for training reasons. Are there any dangers? What should I put attention on?

Thanks in advance
Using items in offline races is fine and will not get you banned. Just use the GP or VS mode and don't use item cheats in Time Trial as you might accidentally send a cheated time to the server.
So if someone wanted that he could use the guide in this forum to mod his Wii and cheat items and do that online aswell without additional work?
Is there no option for doing that in Time Trial?


Don't worry about any links for Softmodding or for Dolphin Emulator.

The thread will provide the following steps-
1. SD card list
2. Install the Homebrew Channel on your Wii Console, it's a channel installed on your Wii Menu that allows all sorts of cheating/mods/hacking, etc
3. Install an application on your Computer (called Ocarina) to make GCT (Cheat code) files, these files will contain cheat codes and will be placed on your SD card
4. Install a HBC application that will read these cheat files to play cheats when launching your Disc

This will allow you to play with cheats. By using the method I provided, your Disc/game will have zero 'Wiimmfi' patches meaning you won't even be able to connect online to the Wiimmfi server, so concerns about connecting online with cheats are not an issue.

Thanks for joining the forums!
Thank you. So when I would like to practise offline with cheats I just launch the regular MKW-Disc-Channel. And when I would like to play online I need to change channels and launch CTGP?
You don't need CTGP for Wiimmfi. If you want vanilla MKWii, use the Auto Wiimmfi Patcher.
When you want to cheat (offline) = Launch HBC, launch the WiiLauncher App, make sure SD Cheats are turned On, Launch game

When you want to connect online to play (no cheats will ever be applied) =
Ok, thanks till now. I will give it a try very soon. Smile
Ok, I tried it and everything worked. I would like to cheat Bullet Bills and Golden Shrooms in Time Trial by clicking on a button to be able to practise more efficiently but I couldn't find a code to generate a GCT file. Where can I find one?


I found this code on[RMCE01].html :

Press ???? For Item - Time Trials [dexter0]
48000000 809BF790
DE000000 80008180
4A100000 ________ (FFFFFD94 for Solo) (FFFFFAAC for Ghost) [dexter0]
14000000 000000XX
14000004 0000000Y
E0000000 80008000
NOTE: Y is always 1 unless specified.

I combined it with

Master Button Activator Wiimote [Bully@Wiiplaza]
F6000001 80008100
70E09FFF 807F0000
D2000004 00000002
807F0000 3D808000
906C1550 00000000
E0000000 80008000


Wiimote Button Activator [Bully@Wiiplaza]
28001552 YYYYZZZZ
*Requires the "Master Button Activator Wiimote" code*

in one CGT file but it didn't work. Any help?

Edit 2:

Ok, the code was unexpectedly in the online section. I got it now.

I think there are in general no dangers in playing online as long as I don't do anything with the WiiLauncher because that's how the cheats are activated.
I would like to practise in time trial. Are there any options to end a race in this mode without sending a then cheated time to the servers (possible ban)?
As far as I can tell there isn't a fully safe method, as the current disable ghost saving code doesn't protect against flap times being saved. You should always simply restart the race, or quit out to the course menu if possible.
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