Auto Press A at Wii Remote Strap Screen [Elias_]
Auto Press A at Wii Remote Strap Screen [Elias_]

This code will make the game automatically proceed past the Wii Remote Strap Screen once it appears. It also will automatically proceed past the ESRB rating screen on the NTSC-U game. Please note that this may not work in Dolphin.

040077C8 4E800020

04007894 4E800020

Code creator: Elias_
Code credits: Vega (Fixed non working Korea version by finding nearby function call to cancel/'blr' ; code address slightly modified)
I assume this works in any Wii game due to the adress, right?
This code will only work for MKWii.
Moved this to outdated as this doesn't work for Korea.

found the function i needed to blr for this to also work for Korea (haven't tested on console yet) I got a shit ton of crap i gotta do atm, ill try to test it on console soon

U P and J = blr ->800077C8
Korea = blr -> 80007894

EDIT: Updated thread, code works for all regions now

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