Triple Mushroom Behavior Modifier [JoshuaMK]
Triple Mushroom Behavior Modifier [JoshuaMK]

Offline use only

This code effects the use/behavior of the Triple Mushroom. Read below for each separate description for each separate X value.

047ADF1C 28000000
047ADF20 3800000X

047BC97C 28000000
047BC980 3800000X

047BBFE8 28000000
047BBFEC 3800000X

047AAD3C 28000000
047AAD40 3800000X

X Values:
0 = Infinite Triple Mushroom
1 = When you use the Triple Shroom, it skips down to Single Shroom, then functions normally
2 = When you use the Triple Shroom, it goes down to two Shrooms and then turns Infinite
3 = Infinite Triple Mushroom

Code creator: JoshuaMK
Code Contributors: Phyz (Saw his code and decided to overhaul)
Super Mario Eclipse, what Super Mario Sunshine could've been.
Hi can you somehow make it that if you go in out of bounds the mushrooms are still there?
This code causes items not to be lost when respawning.
Hi, I tested this code and I found that, with X=0, if you get flattened by a car on Moonview Highway (or on a CT that uses those cars) while using a mushroom (i.e. while the boost is still active, not necessarily while pressing the button), then the game crashes. Oddly enough, this does not happen with X=1, 2 or 3. This was tested on the vanilla PAL game, using Dolphin 5.0-12660 on Arch Linux, and the only other code I was using was Force 30 FPS [Nick Reynolds]. I'm not sure if this should be fixed, given that X=3 should behave exactly the same otherwise.

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