Recommended Codes to Use When Playing on DWC-Emulator
Here are some codes I recommend the average user to always add on when going onto any Wii+DS Server that uses the DWC-Emulator source (such as the former server of ALTWFC).

RCE Protection -
Summary: Playing any server other than Wiimmfi without this code means any player you connect to can run code on your Wii, which you do not want to happen.

Remove Nintendo VR Algorithm -
Summary: Normally if a user with 5000 VR is searching in a WW with another user searching with 9999 VR, they will never find each other. This code removes that annoyance. 

No Disconnect -
Summary: Prevents you from disconnecting due to going backwards (in WW's), or being idle in race.

Force Room CC (Set X to 2) -
Summary: If the HOST of the WW/Room has this code on, every race will be 150cc

Codes that can prevent some hackers from freezing you
Anti-Freeze from Blooper De-limiters -
Anti-Freeze from POW De-limiters -
Anti-Freeze from Shock De-imiters -
Exception Recovery -
Impervious -
Invalid FC Anti-Freeze -
Thwomp Anti-Freeze -

More protection (I also recommend this)

There is a packet of information in the game's memory called 'USER Record' or 'USER Packet'. This portion of memory is shared with all users in the WW/Room. Therefore certain items of this packet/record should be spoofed to protect yourself. Here are the codes...

Client ID Spoofer -
Summary: If you made a Mii on your Wii, your Client ID can be transformed into your MAC Address. Instead of making Miis on other Wiis, or on a computer program, it's easier run this code to protect yourself. When you launch the game with the code applied, all of your Mii faces on your licenses will be gone (this is normal), simply re-select w/e Mii you wanna play with. The next time you launch the game withOUT the code applied, the same effect re-occurs.

Hide Your Wii ID on USER Packet -
Summary: This will spoof your Wii ID only in the USER Packet/Record. It does NOT effect the Wii ID value during server login.

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