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Wiimm's Tools

Wiimm's Tools is a program for manipulating Wii games and contents/parts within Wii games. It is split up into two major categories. WIT Tools and SZS Tools.

WIT Tools is the utility for manipulating whole ISO's/WBFS's/etc. You can extract, build, patch, edit ISOs/WBFSs. You can also use WIT Tools to format USB sticks in WBFS format and add ISOs/WBFSs to USB sticks. WIT Tools is meant to replace WBFS Manager, Wii Scrubber, & Wii Backup Manager.

SZS Tools is the utility for manipulating extracted contents/parts of ISO's/WBFS's. It is a popular tool for editing MKW's main.dol and StaticR.rel files. SZS Tools can also manipulate other file types such as .szs, .brres, .img, etc. Basically, you use WIT to extract and ISO, then use SZS to edit the parts, and use WIT again to rebuild the ISO.

The tools are purely command-based. There is no fancy, noob-friendly GUI. Windows uses the Tools via cmd/command prompt. With Linux, you just use your standard terminal screen.

Both major toolsets come with a set of command interfaces. WIT Tools comes with WIT command and WWT command. WIT is for any manipulation for ISOs/WBFSs while WWT is the command interface for WBFS USB drives, and adding ISOs/WBFSs to USB's.

There are many command interfaces that come with SZS Tools. The most popular one is WSTRT (used for main.dol and StaticR.rel manipulation). Theres other command interfaces such as WSZST, WBMGT, etc etc.

In this forum, I have provided download links, installation help, and command cheat sheets. It is expected you have some sort of intuition to figure out how to get started using the Tools. It is too difficult to post full fledge tutorials that include every itty bitty detail. Most users would be on Windows and I don't use Windows, so me writing Windows tutorials probably wouldn't be the most sufficient. I figured the cheat sheets would be perfect once you know how to utilize the basics of the tools.

If you still have some questions/concerns, post them here or go to WIT/SZS Tools Homepages (links provided below)

WIT Home Page - https://wit.wiimm.de
SZS Home Page - https://szs.wiimm.de

Some users will still not want to adapt away from archaic programs (WBFS manager, Wii Scrubber, SZS Modifier, etc). Those old programs are glitchy, out-of-date, can corrupt ISOs, etc etc. For example here are a list of reasons why you shouldn't be using WiiScrubber over Wiimm's Tools

- WiiScrubber hasn't been updated since 2010, it only works for Windows (unless you're running Wine emulation) while WIT/SZS (still being updated in 2020) has versions for both Linux & Windows
- WiiScrubber can corrupt ISOs
- WiiScrubber only allows ISO edits within its GUI program. WIT allows you make edits using your OS's own desktop/window manager/etc.
- Can't open WBFS files with WiiScrubber, must convert to ISO no matter what
- Can't replace/edit most parts to an already wiimmfi-patched ISO
- There's no options in WiiScrubber to check if main.dol/StaticR.rel are clean/original
- In some cases replacing too much items will cause WiiScrubber to not allow you to save changes because the ISO file size was altered too much.
anyone who still uses wiiscrubber for iso mods have a gay mom
(10-20-2018, 04:27 PM)FancyWheelies Wrote: anyone who still uses wiiscrubber for iso mods have a gay mom

The typical noob is scared of a program that doesn't come with a GUI.
I was once scared, but now I'm used to CLI.
Especially since I use it a lot for Wiimm's SZS Tools.

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