Making Ram Dumps via Dolphin Emulator
Making Ram Dumps via Dolphin Emulator

This thread will teach you how to make your own RAM Dump binary files via Dolphin. If you don't have Dolphin installed yet, view this guide HERE.

1. Launch Dolphin
2. At the top, there is a Config Icon. Click on it. The config menu will appear.
3. Near the bottom, you will see Dump Path. To the far right of that, click the '...' button.
4. Another window will pop up. Choose the folder/directory you want the RAM Dumps to be dumped at. Click Choose Button. Window closes. Close the config menu.
5. Launch your MKWii ISO. Go to the License Selection Screen. Pause the emulation.
6. Click on View, and checkmark Memory. The Memory Tab/Window will appear.
7. For Mem80/81, click the Dump MRAM button. For Mem9, click the Dump ExRAM button.
8. Mem80/81 will be dumped as "mem1.raw". Mem9 will be dumped as "mem2.raw".

Some notes:
- It is optimal to dump Mem9 when connected to Wifi.
- Sensitive information will be on the RAM Dumps (MAC Address, Wii ID, IP Address, etc)
- When dumping Mem80, you might want to create some licenses and attach Mii Names for more info to be on the game's RAM when dumping it.
- If you are dumping Mem80 for each region/version of MKWii for porting purposes, try to keep each MKWii's data save as similar as possible (same amount of licenses used, same amount of stuff unlocked per license, same Mii's used for each license, etc)
can you make a tutorial for newest version 5.0 12722?
im stuck with this tutorial at step 6.
I'm not sure if this was a mistake in the post, or if it just got changed at some point, but the option is View > Memory
Mistake on my part. Thread updated.

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