How to Apply Cheat Codes in Dolphin Emulator
How to Apply Cheat Codes in Dolphin Emulator

1. Set Game Folder Directory

If you haven't yet, you need to set the default games directory for dolphin. In the large empty menu, you will see..

Quote:Dolphin could not find any GameCube/Wii ISOs or WADs.
Double-click here to set a games directory...

Simply double click anywhere inside the large area. A menu will pop up, navigate and click on the folder that contains the ISOs/WBFSs you have. Click Choose, then the empty area will fill up with your list of Games.

2. Apply Cheats

Right click on the Game you want to apply cheats to. A small drop down menu will appear. Click on Properties. Another menu will appear. Click on the Gecko Codes tab. You maybe get a warning that says...

! Dolphin's cheat system is current disabled

To the right of the warning is a button that says "Configure". Click on it. A new menu appears. Underneath Basic Settings will be a box for "Enable Cheats". Click on the box to checkmark it. Then click the Close button at the bottom right. You will return to the Gecko Codes tab.

At the bottom left, click on the Add New Code button.

For Name, ofc fill in the code name.
For Creator, put in the creator of the code.
For Notes, add any notes that you desire.
For Code, put in the actual cheat code itself.

Click Save, and you will see that the code is added to the top box. It will be displayed via the code name you've assigned to the code, and will be checkmarked. To add another code, just click the Add New Code button again and repeat the process.

Click Close. Then launch the desired Game. Codes will be applied. Congratz!

3. Edit XFB Settings (optional)

A quite of bit of draw/text based codes won't work if the XFB settings are not correctly configured. Try those type of codes first withOUT performing this step. If they fail, then resort to performing this step.

Launch Dolphin Emulator. Click on the Graphics Icon/Logo at the top (looks like a Computer Monitor). A menu will pop up. Click on the Hacks tab. Underneath 'External Frame Buffer (XFB)', UNCHECK the box for 'Store XFB Copies to Texture Only'. Click the close button on the bottom right to exit the menu. Reboot Dolphin.

To see the code's contents after adding it, simply click on the code name itself. It will be highlighted in blue and the contents will be shown in the lower box. To not have a certain code be used, click on the checkmark to remove the checkmark from the box.

To delete a code, click on the code name. It will highlight in blue, click the Remove Code Button. To edit the code instead, click on the Edit button.
This is all a lot easier in dolphin now as it’s all just in the gui and you can download directly. The details are here:
Thank you for your link as it provides a good visual for the newbies.

Regarding the code downloads: That will only download codes from the gecko site. So for Mkwii, the gecko site doesn't even come close to as about 80% of mkwii codes are not there. Some codes on the gecko site don't work at all. And none of the codes there come with their source.

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