TAS Useful Links + Codes
Here are some useful Links + Codes for TASing. Please also view this thread HERE for codes to assist and/or add features in recording the TAS once the TAS has been completed.



TAS Discord:

TAS Records: (3 Lap)

TAS Records: (Fast lap)

Gameplay Techniques:

Checkpoint Maps:

Dolphin 5.0 w/ Info Display: (Sware's Version)

MKWii Dolphin Lua

TAStudio (A small GUI used to display input data from a specially formatted file.)

Other Important Links:


TAS Code :

Speed-O-Meter :

Graphical Speed-O-Meter Version 1:
Displays speed as its own graphical separate image on the bottom-right - http://mkwii.com/showthread.php?tid=911

Graphical Speed-O-Meter Version 2:
Displays speed as its own graphical separate image on the bottom-left, smaller font, has some flickering - http://mkwii.com/showthread.php?tid=1111

Graphical Speed/MTC/Air/Bst:
Based on Version 2; Displays Speed, MT Charge, Air Time, and Mush/Zipper Boost all via images on the bottom of the screen - http://mkwii.com/showthread.php?tid=1112

Always Have Item (set Item Value to Shroom or Triple-Shroom):

Perfect License Unlock (set U Value to 1, and set other values to something random as they won't be applied)

Please note that if code(s) are not working in Dolphin. You may to be edit your Graphics XFB config. Doing this will differ per version of Dolphin. However here is a tip on how to edit the XFB with a modern dev version of Dolphin:

1. Find the Icon Picture at the top that says 'Graphics'. Click on it to open Graphics settings.
3. Go to the Hacks Tab. 
4. Underneath External Frame Buffer settings, be sure the box for "Store XFB Copies to Texture Only" is unchecked.
5. Close/Save settings. Reboot Dolphin

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