Using Mem81 to Auto-Clear Data for ASM Codes (MKWii only)
Using Mem81 to Auto-Clear Data for ASM Codes (MKWii only)

NOTE: This is an MKWii specific 'feature', this most likely won't work for other Wii games.
NOTE: For beginner ASM Coders that have already been utilizing the Exception Vector Area in previous codes.

Let's say you have an ASM code that originally stores data/values to the Exception Vector Area. You wanted these values to clear after every race. So you write another ASM code (that occurs only in between races) to zero/null out all the values.

Seems pretty silly to write another whole ASM code just to clear values. Instead of storing your data/values to the Exception Vector Area, you store them to Mem81. Mem81 auto-clears after every race/battle. The only time is doesn't auto clear is pressing restart in TT mode. I don't know the entire exact allowable region of Mem81 but here is a LARGE chunk used many various codes over time and I have seen no issues with any of those codes' functionality.

0x81400000 thru 0x81701000

As you can see this is a very large region of memory to have at your expense. And there you go, a great place to store values that need to be cleared per race. Happy coding!
Hey! Not to bump an old thread for no reason but, just to provide some bit of knowledge.

If you are using an LE-CODE distro, LE-CODE does use a portion of Mem81 (the exact size I don't know but, it seems to be between 0x81400000 - 0x814D0000) which can cause information to get written over your existing codes.

It seems to be written around the start of a race (right when objs are loading). You might be able to write mid race for certain conditions but, I highly recommend finding a portion that isn't being used. #1~

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