Permanently Hex Edit Your Region ID Algorithm in an ISO/WBFS File
Permanently Hex Edit Your Region ID Algorithm in an ISO/WBFS File

Guide is designed for Linux Users utilizing Wiimm's Tools. HxD hex editor is used for this guide. Linux Users must have Wine installed to run HxD as HxD is natively for Windows.

For the ocarina cheat code version of this, go HERE

This guide will show you where the byte of the Region ID is written in the main.dol. Thus, this allows you to truely change your region ID to via the 'proper' method if you will. The game writes your Region ID very early in the main.dol via a Load Immediate function. With the American Game and Korean Game, there is only one byte to edit. With the Japan, and PAL Games, there are two bytes to edit. For the Japan Game, there is a byte result for not using Taiwan country code, and a byte result when you are using Taiwan Country Code. For the PAL Game, there is a byte result for now using Australia/New Zealand country code, and a byte result result when you are using Australia/NEW Zealand country code.

This thread is for those who want to make the region ID algorithm modifier permanent. This could be useful is somebody was making their own Implied Chinese ISO (like I did in the past), and edit the region ID of w/e ISO you are using to always output China Region ID #6.

Let's say you are doing this for USA wbfs file named USA.wbfs, and your USA ISO is located /home/user/games. First extract USA.wbfs. Open up a Terminal....

wit extract /home/user/games/USA.wbfs /home/user/newfolder

NOTE: Do NOT create 'newfolder' directory beforehand or else an error will occur. WIT Tools will create it for you.

If your ISO/WBFS is NOT scrubbed (has all its partitions), the main.dol is located at..


If your ISO.WBFS is scrubbed, the main.dol is lcoated at...


Open up HxD, open up your main.dol

Here are the Region ID Algorithm Result Byte main.dol address locations for each MKW game...

RMCE01 game:
0x00006113 (default is 01)

RMCP01 game:
NOT using AUS/NZ Country Codde: 0x0000614F (default is 02)

Using AUS/NZ Country Code: 0x000061AF (default is 03)

RMCJ01 game:
NOT Using TWN Country Code: 0x000060A3 (default is 00)

Using TWN Country Code: 0x000060D3 (default is 04)

RMCK01 game:
0x0000625F (default is 05)

Simply edit the byte(s) to any desired region ID value.

00 = Japan (red line)
01 = Americas (blue line)
02 = Europe (green line)
03 = AUS/NZ (yellow line)
04 = Taiwan (white line)
05 = S. Korea (purple line)
06 = China (white line)

For this tutorial we want our Region ID on our USA iso to be Japan (red line), so we change our byte value from 01 to 00.

Once you have made your changes, save them. A backup copy of the original version of the main.dol (named main.dol.bak), will be saved alongside your new edited main.dol. Delete it for move it somewhere for safekeeping if desired.

Open up terminal again if you still don't have one up... Time to recompile our wbfs file

wit copy ./newfolder /home/user/newUSA.wbfs

newUSA.wbfs is now compiled, throw it on a USB, or launch it on Dolphin. You will be asked to create a new data save, because the region settings have been changed. Make a new data save, go online, start/join a race. You will see that you have the red line (Japan region ID).

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