Checkpoint Region Display [Vega]
new version works on dolphin (tested NTSC-K)
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Thread updated w/ new version. Thank you Jeffy for all the testing.
(09-17-2020, 09:59 PM)Vega Wrote:
(09-17-2020, 06:00 AM)JoshuaMK Wrote: its updating an instruction, try flushing the cache on that address and it should fix the bug

Ty Josh.

here's a new version for anyone to try

C2530930 00000005
A0DE000A 3D808053
64CB38A0 956C10A0
7C00606C 7C0004AC
7C0067AC 4C00012C
60000000 00000000

C2535478 00000005
A0DE000A 3D808053
64CB38A0 956C5BE8
7C00606C 7C0004AC
7C0067AC 4C00012C
60000000 00000000

C2534DF8 00000005
A0DE000A 3D808053
64CB38A0 956C5568
7C00606C 7C0004AC
7C0067AC 4C00012C
60000000 00000000

C25234D0 00000005
A0DE000A 3D808052
64CB38A0 956C3C40
7C00606C 7C0004AC
7C0067AC 4C00012C
60000000 00000000

#Address ports
#80530930 = NTSC-U
#80535478 = PAL
#80534DF8 = NTSC-J
#805234D0 = NTSC-K

#Values per Region

.set region, '' #Must set region value, or else source will not compile

.if (region == 'E' || region == 'e') # RMCE
    .set _1sthalf, 0x8053
    .set _2ndhalf, 0x10A0
.elseif (region == 'P' || region == 'p') # RMCP
    .set _1sthalf, 0x8053
    .set _2ndhalf, 0x5BE8
.elseif (region == 'J' || region == 'j') # RMCJ
    .set _1sthalf, 0x8053
    .set _2ndhalf, 0x5568
.elseif (region == 'K' || region == 'k') # RMCK
    .set _1sthalf, 0x8052
    .set _2ndhalf, 0x3C40
.else # Invalid Region

#Default Instruction, r6 holds checkpoint region value
lhz r6, 0x000A (r30)

#Set Address upper bits, Or in ckpt value
lis r12, _1sthalf
oris r11, r6, 0x38A0 #Or 0x38A00000 to r6

#Write new instruction in memory, store data cache, invalidate instruction cache
stwu r11, _2ndhalf (r12)
dcbst 0, r12
icbi 0, r12

Its not working on dolphin!  Angry
Works fine on my Dolphin. Btw it's for Solo TT's or Online only.

Code can be reconfigured without needing cache-based instructions. Would be a good exercise for a beginner.

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