Setup Your Own Local MKW Server
61010: Game Unsupported. This usually means that the game the user is trying to play isn't whitelisted on your server. idk how to fix I never ran a server before but this is what that error means
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thanks for your advice! and i'm so sorry. i realized that the necessary subdomain were not attached into the server after posted. i've fixed them and it works.
I followed this tutorial and I can load up the server webpage fine on my windows machine.
However, I wanted to be able to play on this server through dolphin. I tried changing my DNS settings in the virtual wii menu, but that didn't work. I tried both modifying my windows HOSTS file and just adding the server ip to my DNS settings - when I type into my web browser, it works fine, but on dolphin it doesn't.
Basically, when I run the internet connection test on my virtual wii, the test passes, but I don't see any output on the server. This suggests to me that for some reason dolphin is still resolving to the actual IP address. On Mario Kart Wii it just gives me error 20100.
I made a post about this on the dolphin forums because I think this is an issue specific to somebody about how dolphin interacts with DNS, but if anybody has any ideas let me know.
An FYI, i personally had issues trying to make a server work using a VPS's public IP. Could never get it to work so I ended up doing domain names instead and using codes to patch the domain strings of the game. On a LAN network, IP connect was never an issue (even dolphin was fine)

So if you are trying to connect to your server via a public IP, I don't have any solutions to get that to work (maybe it was my VPS being stupid). You will need to do domain names instead, I haven't added that part of the tutorial yet, just always forgot. If you need that, I will update the tutorial.

If your server is on your LAN network and it's not working via IP, then that's something Dolphin is doing incorrectly with the DNS as long as you for know for certain you have DNS correctly set on your Windows machine.

This could also be an issue with Dolphin's default NAND. If you are using the default NAND, import a real WIi NAND and extract the certs and then make an internet connection with it.
That tutorial would be helpful for both NinjaWFC and NewWFC. #1~
Glad to see some replies,

I tried with a real NAND earlier and then tried reverting to the dolphin NAND to see if it made a difference. I have changed some settings since then so I went to test with the actual NAND. It didn't make any difference on Mario Kart Wii, but I had the idea of using the internet channel to see what shows up at - and the webserver actually does show up.

So, it seems the issue is specifically with MKWii - error 20100. As far as I am aware the NoSSL cheat code is set up correctly through dolphin but I could have done something wrong.
The connection test in the Wii's internet settings still comes up as successful but I see nothing on the server output.
Make sure you are using a clean ISO/WBFS. No previous patches for anything like Wiimmfi.
(12-23-2020, 10:19 PM)TheNinjaKingOW Wrote: That tutorial would be helpful for both NinjaWFC and NewWFC.

To be honest, there shouldn't even be any ALTWFC clones anymore. It's outdated and full of bugs. In fact, the DWC Emulator was originally made for only DS emulation. It was never meant for Wii use. Somebody or some group of devs need to rewrite an entire new source from scratch, completely unrelated to ALTWFC's code.
At the very least though, they should stop using the cowfc fork or at least go out of their way to get the changes that fix the sql injection in it lol
I agree, if something isn't secure you should either try to fix it or don't use it. #1~

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