Install PyiiASMH (ASM Code Compiler + Decompiler)
Install PyiiASMH (ASM Code Compiler + Decompiler)

NOTE: This is now outdated by PyiiASMH 3, which can be found here:


PyiiASMH is an alternative compiler+decompiler for your ASM codes. WiiRDGUI is proven and it works. The problem with WiiRDGUI is that if a hash-tagged comment is too long and enters into a new line below, WiiRDGUI will try to read it as an ASM instruction, thus giving you a compilation error. WiiRDGUI also does not allow the use of keyboard shortcuts (such as CTRL+A to select the entire source), which can be a nuisance.

PyiiASMH solves these issues. PyiiASMH also has options to compile C0 codes, RAW ASM, add in XOR checksum for F2 type codes, etc. The GUI is also more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Installation for Windows (confirmed working for Windows 7 SP3, haven't tried other versions)

Step 1. Install Python and PyQt

You will first need PyQt4 and Python 2.7.11 installed on your Windows computer.

Download Python 2.7.11 MSI x86 Installer -
Choose the bottom option (Windows x86 Installer with the MD5 checksum of 241bf8e097ab4e1047d9bb4f59602095)

Download PyQt4 for x86 -
Choose - PyQt4-4.11.4-gpl-Py2.7-Qt4.8.7-x32.exe (29.5 MB in size).

Run the Python MSI Installer first. Complete the installer, then run the PyQt4 exe application. Complete the installation.

Step 2. Download and launch PyiiASMH

Download PyiiASMH HERE.

Unzip/Extract the download. You will see a file called (should have a python logo due to installing python earlier). Open the file. Command prompt will appear then the PyiiASM GUI will launch. Congratz!

You may want to create a desktop shortcut of the file.

Installation for Linux (Debian 9 only, this may work for Ubuntu 16.04)

Here's how you can install PyiiASMH on Debian 9. In theory, this should also work on Ubuntu Linux, but I've never tested it.

1. sudo apt-get update

2. sudo apt-get install python-pyside

3. Download PyiiASMH HERE. Sha256 checksum for download is HERE.Extract the download. You will see a shell script file simply named 'PyiiASMH'. Open/launch the file. PyiiASMH GUI now appears. Congratz!

Downsides of PyiiASMH for Debian 9 only:
On Debian 9, PyiiASMH cannot decompile codes. It can only compile. It appears the linux64bit library for 'vdappc' (the disassembler) was compiled incorrectly from Gecko's vdappc.exe. A ldd command with grep not, shows I have no missing libraries, but the file won't even execute. There is a linux32bit version of the vdappc but it appears to not disassemble codes correctly.

Install PyiiASMH on Wine (Debian 9)

Requirements: Have a full working installation of Wine (plenty of tutorials all over google), have a file manager capable of launching windows-python .py files.

If you can't get PyiiASMH to install on Linux natively, you can try installing through Wine.

1. Download the msi and exe files that were shown for the Windows guide.

2. Open a terminal where you have downloaded the files

msiexec /a python-2.7.11.msi

Follow the installation wizard, leave everything default for any options.

3. Now run the PyQt4...exe via Wine, however you prefer to do it.

Follow the installation wizard, leave everything default for any options.

4. Download PyiiASMH HERE. Sha256 checksum for download is HERE.Extract the download. Right click on the file '', your file manager will show a list of options to run the file. There should be an option 'python' with the python logo next to it. If not, choose Open With..., and try searching around for it. Click on the 'python' logo to launch PyiiASMH.

NOTE: Do NOT click on the 'pythonw' logo.

PyiiASMH GUI now launches, a terminal screen (for wine.exe) will load alongside it. Congratz!

Troubleshooting (PyiiASMH via Wine-Linux) for launching the file:
If your file manager doesn't automatically configure a launch path/logo when right-clicking on the file, try this...

Run this command (you can replace nano with w/e text editor you want):
gedit ~/.local/share/applications/OpenWithPython.desktop

Fill the file with these contents..
[Desktop Entry]
Exec=env WINEPREFIX="/home/yourusernameHERE/.wine" wine-stable start /ProgIDOpen Python.File %f

Save and close, try again. If that doesn't work, try this for the file's contents...

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=wine C:/python27/python.exe %F

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