Item Rain (v1.5) [MrBean]
(08-17-2021, 12:45 PM)Yuri Bacon Wrote: So, I was putting a bunch of codes together and having a grand old time, and one of the codes I was using was this. I went to go turn on some custom tracks however, and they wouldn't load.

So, I had the codes patched into main.dol via wstrt, gct made with, and replacing main.dol and the track files with Riivolution 1.06. The custom tracks work fine without main.dol replaced, but when I turn codes on it stops working. I had started adding codes one by one and found this code broke my CTs, and tried a GCT with just this code and yup, still no CTs.

Also, CLF78's code is broken, it puts the game in 30fps and breaks my CTs sure but no items rain from the sky.

All on NTSC-U btw, and I'm patching a clean .dol I dumped off my own disc.

I don't think anyone here will do anything about it, but I just wanted to put it out there.

Wait, no, I'm dumb! This code loads the multiplayer versions of the tracks (_d.szs) instead of the singleplayer versions. This solves my problem, but CLF78's code is still broken (no items from the sky).

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