MKW LAN Mod Guide [w/ USB Loading & Gecko Codes]
(06-27-2023, 03:04 AM)einfach_nur_ich Wrote: it works on the dev build of Dolphin 5.0-19720

LAN Mod works on Dolphin now? That's sick! I'll have to give that a try, eventually.

(07-07-2022, 09:57 PM)dirtyfrikandel Wrote: Hey. Nice work on the tutorial!.
I've gotten it to work on vanilla mario kart with cheats. However, to use a custom track distro i've tried loading this cheat ( Unfortunately, it does not work. Could someone help me with this?
The cheat does work when the game is launched using the regular main.dol instead of brainslug.

Real late on the reply, but sorry, I don't really know nothing about putting a CT distro together, but I'd imagine that if you're just looking for no thrills CTs without having RTs and aren't looking to have more than 32 tracks, old fashioned "just replace the RTs and rebuild WBFS" should be simple enough, but I don't know how to edit the track names in the menus (but I'm sure there is a guide on at least that much here, if not on how to use CT/LE CODE). Like I said in the guide, CTs + LAN isn't really in the scope of the guide, and I'd imagine most of the good CTs worth playing at LAN are already in CTGP, if you can shell the money for enough MKW discs.

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