Porting Addresses
If you create a cheat for Mario Kart Wii and want to adapt it for all regions, then you have to adapt different addresses. With Wiimmfi and CTGPR this process is called porting. With the SZS tools since version 2.25a there are 2 new commands that support porting:

Command wstrt PORT

With this command it is possible to port addresses. To do this, you enter the region (PAL, USA, JAPAN or KOREA) and any number of addresses. The region can be changed in the middle of the command line. If the region is not specified, PAL is used. An attempt is made to port every given address to all other regions.

Further details: https://szs.wiimm.de/cmd/wstrt/port

Porting is still experimental. Therefore, please report errors or missing addresses here.

Command wstrt WHERE

This command is a by-product. This allows you to determine in which memory area the addresses are located. Here, among other things, the various DOL segments and staticR.rel are recognized.

Further details: https://szs.wiimm.de/cmd/wstrt/where

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