How to Register + Lost Password Recovery
How to Register~

IMPORTANT: Read the following 2 links first please (Disclaimer) (Rules)

Registering is a bit of a nuisance. This is because I'm too lazy to maintain an Email Server, and somehow Bots always find a way through. This community/site is very inactive, almost dead. However, if you really want to register, here's how....

  1. You will need a YouTube/Google account that will allow you to watch age-restricted YouTube videos
  2. Watch this video -
  3. Follow the instructions in the video to get the pass phrase to complete Registration.
  4. All new accounts can post wherever a regular User can, but their posts require admin/mod approval. Once an admin or mod has determined your account is legit, the posting restrictions will be lifted.

Some notes:
There is a daily limit to Registrations which I will not disclose. This is to limit the work load the admin/mods have to perform when verifying new accounts. To ensure you don't get blocked by the limit, try to sign up immediately after 12:00 AM UTC.

Some Usernames may be restricted (require extra proof). This is to prevent false identities because certain famous/popular MKW players are usually "linked" to a specific common Username. If you are one of these popular players, DM me on Discord (vega8365) for more info. You can either sign up using a different Username now, and after our Discord convo, I will update the Username. Or you can DM first and after the Discord convo, the Username ban will be temporarily lifted.

Recovering Account due to Lost/Forgotten Password

There is no email server/service included with the forums. If you attempt to click on the 'Lost your password' link and follow the instructions, you will never receive an email. So here are the steps to recover your account~

1. Follow the registration procedure to make a new account.
2. After registration has been completed, send me a DM (via Forum or Discord - vega8365) with the following contents~
  • The name of your original account

I will scan thru some of the IP Addresses of your current account and your alleged old account. If I see the IP Addresses of both accounts come back to the same region within Country, *and* same ISP, I will merge the accounts. If I don't see such requirements met, I will DM you back asking for the following contents~
  • The IP Address that was most recently used on your original account or the IP that was used for the original account when it was first registered.

For this requirement, the given IP Address *must* be an exact match. If not, I will deny the account merger, and we can discuss further an alternative method of proof.

How Accounts are Merged; Results:

After an account merger has been approved, I will merge the old account *INTO* your new account. Then I will manually change the new account username to the old account username. After this has all been done, I will DM you back. You will need to log out, clear your browsers' history/cookies of, and then log back in using the password of the new account, BUT with the old account username.

You will have all the post and thread history of the old account but you will have the profile pic of the new account. Yes this sucks, just be aware of this. There are ways around this, but they result in Security risks.

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