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Full Version: Banned Players (unofficial list for MKWPP reference)
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Yep Suiryu is added on Pending. I also went ahead and added RusoX to the banned list.
What is "Live Replay" is that the same as TAS Code??
Live replay works the same way as TAS code does, except it gives no option to deactivate mid race.
Right ok, so it is literally the same code to records TT vids, I didn't think it was that simple therefore (this may be a stupid question but) how is it cheating?
Copy other runs as your own/ Build on top of old runs by deactivating after a certain point
So TAS Code is more of a problem (like Ruso) rather than plain copying another run I mean surely that would look suspicious.
Yes Live Replay itself is not a bannable offense if we are talking about in the form of a code. The term Live Replay next to said cheater means that cheater used some sort of code/cheat/hack/exploit that manipulates Live Replay (like TAS Code). TAS Code is just the Live Replay code with the ability to deactivate/re-activate at will.
That makes sense now, thanks
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