Speed-O-Meter [Vega]
Speed-O-Meter [Vega]

NOTE: Outdated by mdmwii's version which that version also works in Grand Prix and ghost TTs.

Works for TTs and any type of Online VS. If using for TTs, it only works for Solo Racing.

This code will put your speed on the milliseconds section of your timer. Works with any vehicle/character combo and reverse speed also works. All speed measurements are rounded to their nearest whole number shown on the timer. This will get rid of the '96/97' issue with Funky Kong/Flame runner (codes that don't fix this issue will show 96 for both Daisy/Mach and Funky/Flame runner at max wheelie speed).

C2701160 00000002
3D808000 D02C1660
D03F00EC 00000000
04531090 3D808000
04531094 C00C1660
0053109B 0000001C

C2707B04 00000002
3D808000 D02C1660
D03F00EC 00000000
04535BD8 3D808000
04535BDC C00C1660
00535BE3 0000001C

C2707170 00000002
3D808000 D02C1660
D03F00EC 00000000
04535558 3D808000
0453555C C00C1660
00535563 0000001C

C26F5EAC 00000002
3D808000 D02C1660
D03F00EC 00000000
04523C30 3D808000
04523C34 C00C1660
00523C3B 0000001C

Source (For ASM code):
lis r12, 0x8000 #Set first half address in r12 to store the floating value to in memory
stfs f1, 0x1660 (r12) #Store the floating-single value of FPR 1 at address 0x80001660, offset used to complete 2nd half of address
stfs f1, 0x00EC (r31) #Default ASM, store the floating-single value to address of r31 plus offset of 0xEC

Source and explanation of how the 04 lines work (major props to mdmwii figuring this out on his own in 2009):
First 04 line: 3D808000 # (lis r12, 0x8000) Normally the game at this address takes the value of FPR 2 and subtracts it from FPR 0. This isn't needed since in the next address we are custom loading our floating value in manually. Therefore we use this address to establish the 1st half address in r12 to load our floating single from memory

Second 04 line: C00C1660 # (lfs f0, 0x1660 (r12)) Normally the game takes FPR 0 and adds it with the value of FPR 1, storing the result back into FPR 0. Thus, FPR 0 now has a finalized value before the next address line (fctiwz) is executed which that next address line will take the f0 value and transform it into an integer. The ASM functions after the fctiwz will store the integer-converted float to the stack, then retrieve the integer word back off the stack (0x4 offset added) into r5. Then r5 will contain the decimal integer value to display in the milliseconds value.

Only 00 line: 0000001C #this causes the instruction in memory to change from fctiwz f0, f0 to fctiw f0, f0. Thus the conversion from float to integer is NOT rounded. Therefore this allows the code to show 97 instead of 96 on the timer whenever funky w/ flame runner is at a max wheelie speed. 

Code creator: Vega
Code contributor(s): mdmwii (address founder for the 04 lines and 00 line)

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