Globe Position Changer [Anarion]
Globe Position Changer [Anarion]

Formerly known as the 3rd line of the Any Region Changer Code.

This code will allow you to set a custom Globe Mii Location than what is on stored on your Wii/NAND. This code will only take effect if you have your flag settings working. Either do that legitimately or use this code HERE

You can use this with activators if you want to change globe locations before connecting online. Changing globe locations via activators cannot be done while online. Even though you see the changes, others won't.

0442785C ZZZZzzzz

0442BBDC ZZZZzzzz

0442B55C ZZZZzzzz

04419BFC ZZZZzzzz

ZZZZzzzz = location of Mii on Globe

ZZZZzzzz Example values: (credits to Atlas for all of these except the first 3)

North Pole (no change in globe spin): 3FFF0000
South Pole (no change in globe spin): C0010000
Super Tiny Island in Pacific west of S.America (aka Easter Island): EC30B21E

Afghanistan: 18002D00
Aland Islands (Finland): 2B000F00
Albania: 1CC00F00
Algeria: 10000200
American Samoa: F5008600
Andorra: 1D000100
Antarctica: CC016000
Armenia: 1D002100
Azerbaijan: 1C002250
Bahrain: 12C02430
Bangladesh: 10004000
Belarus: 26001400
Benin: 05000200
Bermuda (An United Kingdom Isle): 1700D250
Bhutan: 13004000
Bonaire: 0800CFC0
Bosnia and Herzegovina: 1F000C80
Botswana: F0001100
Bouvet Island (Antarctic island from Norway): D8000200
British Indian Ocean Territory: FAC03400
Brunei: 03005200
Burkina Faso: 0A00FF00
Burundi: FC001600
Cambodia: 08004B00
Cameroon: 03000800
Campbell Islands (New Zealand): DA007800
Cape Verde: 0A00F000
Central African Republic: 04001000
Chad: 07501100
China: 18004D00
Christmas Island: F8004B00
Cocos (Keeling) Islands: F6B044C0
Comoros Islands: F7002000
Congo: 00000C00
Congo (Democratic Republic): FD001000
Côte d'Ivoire: 0450FD00
Djibouti: 09001DA0
East Timor: F9C059B0
Egypt: 11001500
Equatorial Guinea: 00000730
Eritrea: 09701BA0
Ethiopia: 04001AF0
Falkland Islands: DB0FD600
Faroe Islands: 2BC0FB80
Fiji Islands: F3007F00
French Southern Territories: DCA03100
Gabon: FF000800
Gambia: 0F50F5A0
Georgia: 1F001F00
Ghana: 0500FF00
Gibraltar: 1900FC40
Greenland: 3550DF80
Guam: 08A06700
Guinea: 0D00F6A0
Guinea-Bissau: 0D00F500
Heard and McDonald Islands: D9A034A0
Hong Kong: 0F0052A0
India: 0A003600
Indonesia: FD005600
Iran: 18002800
Iraq: 15002100
Israel: 14A018A0
Jordan: 15A01A00
Kazakhstan: 1E003200
Kenya: FDA01B00
Kiribati: 00A09000
Korea (North): 1BA05B00
Korea (South): 19A05AA0
Kosovo: 1D801000
Kuwait: 13A022A0
Kyrgyzstan: 1D003500
Laos: 0D004900
Lebanon: 17001940
Lesotho: EAA01300
Liberia: 0400F9A0
Lybia: 12000A00
Macao: 0F005200
Madagascar: F0002000
Malawi: F5001900
Malaysia: 02004800
Maldives Islands: 00C03400
Mali: 0D00FF00
Mauritania: 0C00F900
Mauiritius Island: F1002900
Micronesian/Oceanic Islands (French Polynesia): F5009500
Moldova: 20001300
Mongolia: 21004800
Morocco: 1600FA00
Mozambique: F1001800
Myanmar: 0D004600
Namibia: F1000C80
Nauru: FF0076C0
Nepal: 13003B00
New Caledonia: F00075A0
Niger: 0C000500
Nigeria: 06000500
Niue: F1A08750
Oman: 0D002700
Pakistan: 14002F00
Palau: 04A05FA0
Papua New Guinea: FAA06600
Philippines: 09C05600
Qatar: 11C024C0
Russia: 280044C0
Rwanda: FDA015A0
Samoa: F60085A0
Sao Tome and Principe: 00000500
Saudi Arabia: 10002000
Senegal: 0D00F5A0
Seychelles: FC0027A0
Sierra Leone: 0A00F5A0
Singapore: 00004A60
Somalia: 07002400
South Africa: E9001000
South Sandwich Islands: D90FE500
Sri Lanka: 05003900
Sudan (Abyei Area): 05001400
Sudan (North): 07001700
Sudan (South): 03001600
Svalbard Islands (Norway): 38000A00
Swaziland: ECA01600
Syria: 17001C00
Taiwan: 10005600
Tajikistan: 1B003300
Tanzania: FB001900
Tasmania (Australia): E1006800
Thailand: 0B004800
Togo: 05A00100
Tokelau: F8A08600
Tonga: F0008300
Tunisia: 17000700
Turkmenistan: 1BA02900
Tuvalu: F8008000
Uganda: 00A01790
Ukraine: 21A01800
United Arab Emirates: 10002700
Uzbekistan: 1E002CA0
Vanuatu: F4007700
Vatican (Holy See): 1CA00992
Viet Nam: 08004D00
Wallis and Futuna: F5008140
Western Sahara: 1000F6A0
Yemen: 0A002300
Zambia: F5001200
Zimbabwe: EF001400

Code created by: Anarion
You should add credit to the person who found all country values, aka me
If you want, I can post a thread that shows you how to calculate your own values for this code.
If it's the constant that Atlas uses, the doesn't work 100% of the time. The correct way to do it is to actually find the function call in the System Menu that handles the conversion which then stores the hex value to SYSCONF. You will then see how the Wii exactly calculates the conversion. Afaik nobody has decent symbol maps for any System Menu versions, so finding that snippet of code will be a challenge.
But if you assume that 4000 (Hex) =16384 = 90 degrees, then you can use a simple mathematical ratio equation to calculate the hex value for your own GPS coordinates.

I have already calculated the values for Perth (Australia), Mexico City (Mexico) and Buenos Aires (Argentina) and they work fine.

This was a spreadsheet I was working on before I heard about the conversion technique a long time ago. When I was doing Atlas's technique (taking the values from that python value to convert), no state values for Japan were line up 100%.

Can you do your equation just to run threw a random few of the Japan ones?
Found this:

Hawai'i Island (Hilo): 0DB891E4

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