List of Code Creators
List of Code Creators

NOTE: In purgatory as this list is not being updated anymore as there's a lot more coders in the community now, and the old issues of noobs pretending to be Code Creators seems to be a thing of the past now.

Here is a list of MKWii Cheat Code Creators. It will include anybody that has created 1 mkwii specific cheat code and can read + write PowerPC ASM, plus have the ability to write a wide variety of source to compile various working instructions/routines.

[Image: jp.png]Dea [Image: geckologo.jpg]
[Image: jp.png]Mrmk [Image: dolphinlogo.jpg]
[Image: us.png]1superchip [Image: dolphinlogo.jpg]
[Image: us.png]Anarion [Image: geckologo.jpg]
[Image: us.png]CosmoCortney [Image: geckologo.jpg]
[Image: us.png]Cross1955 [Image: geckologo.jpg]
[Image: us.png]Diamond [Image: dolphinlogo.jpg]
[Image: us.png]Fishguy [Image: dolphinlogo.jpg]
[Image: us.png]Hamster [Image: geckologo.jpg]
[Image: us.png]JoshuaMK [Image: dolphinlogo.jpg]
[Image: us.png]MrEvil [Image: geckologo.jpg]
[Image: us.png]Nameless [Image: dolphinlogo.jpg]
[Image: us.png]NinjaKingOW [Image: dolphinlogo.jpg]
[Image: us.png]Nutmeg [Image: geckologo.jpg]
[Image: us.png]RiiDefi [Image: dolphinlogo.jpg]
[Image: us.png]Star [Image: geckologo.jpg]
[Image: us.png]TheLordScruffy [Image: dolphinlogo.jpg]
[Image: us.png]tZ [Image: dolphinlogo.jpg]
[Image: us.png]Vega [Image: dolphinlogo.jpg]
[Image: es.png]Atlas [Image: dolphinlogo.jpg]
[Image: gb.png]BrawlBox [Image: dolphinlogo.jpg]
[Image: de.png]Bully [Image: geckologo.jpg]
[Image: gb.png]Chadderz [Image: geckologo.jpg]
[Image: it.png]CLF78 [Image: dolphinlogo.jpg]
[Image: gb.png]ComputerBot2016[Image: dolphinlogo.jpg]
[Image: fi.png]Elias [Image: dolphinlogo.jpg]
[Image: gb.png]EvilRobot [Image: geckologo.jpg]
[Image: gb.png]Geeh [Image: geckologo.jpg]
[Image: gb.png]IPG [Image: dolphinlogo.jpg]
[Image: nl.png]kHacker [Image: dolphinlogo.jpg]
[Image: de.png]Leseratte [Image: dolphinlogo.jpg]
[Image: it.png]Mdmwii [Image: geckologo.jpg]
[Image: fr.png]Melg [Image: dolphinlogo.jpg]
[Image: gb.png]MrBean [Image: geckologo.jpg]
[Image: gb.png]Seeky [Image: dolphinlogo.jpg]
[Image: ch.png]Stebler [Image: dolphinlogo.jpg]
[Image: nl.png]SwareJonge [Image: dolphinlogo.jpg]
[Image: de.png]Unnamed [Image: dolphinlogo.jpg]
[Image: be.png]WhatIsLoaf [Image: dolphinlogo.jpg]
[Image: de.png]Wiimm [Image: dolphinlogo.jpg]
[Image: fr.png]XeR [Image: geckologo.jpg]
Forgot Luis :thinking:
^Hasn't made one ASM code ever. There's no evidence at all that he knows ASM.
(05-28-2019, 08:36 AM)Cameron_MKW Wrote: Sponge?

The code (Drive Thru Items) was originally a 32 bit RAM write replacing a value in the dynamic mem portion of high mem80 (049XXXXX). RoGamer was having an issue porting it for Sponge, since 32bit RAM write codes should only be in static mem. Star decided to help since he also knows RAM writes shouldn't be in dynamic mem.

Star set a Read BP on the value of dynamic mem and found the static mem address. Then, porting was a piece of cake after that. So technically Star made the code, but he doesn't care about having credits (or co-credits) for it. So I just put Sponge. Afaik, Sponge doesn't know ASM or at least hasn't made an ASM code.

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