Make it to 1000!
Get me some of them steroids bruv
Post forty-deuce, lets keep it rollin
Big stacks making your girlfriend act funny
Yeeee! It's fucked up, gotta carry yo strap just to go to the sto'
.....bruh I wish I could rap -.-
And I don't sip bo unless you po-in' a fo, slidin on dem suckas just hopin' to score
I'm putting up a website. I'll let you all know when it's online.
YOOOOOO. The funniest shit just happened.

I went to goDaddy to see if they still had their promotional offer on domains and hosting, and I decided to call one of their sales reps to get the specifics of their offer. My voice is pretty deep and shit, but I think he figured out I was under 18. He asked if I had built a website before, and I said: "Yea, I have been for years now" (I don't think he believed me). I told him I wanted economy, and wanted specifics on the promotional offer, but then he went on and on for why I should get my site staged, and I was like: "Dude, I think I can do all (most) of my development locally with adobe Dreamweaverand notepad++ then upload my site (If I got it staged it would have been a lot more). He then went on a rant about why I need to buy an SSL certificate. I told him: "I'm pretty sure you only need an SSL certificate if you're dealing with clients card info, and if I'm not going to receive a lot of traffick, I think it's pointless". The numb nut kept going on and on. He told me if I don't get SSL google will block my site, and I told him "That's bullshit. I don't know if you get paid on commission or not, but can you please stop trying to fucking sell me stuff, and give me the specifics of the economy deal!". He then told me, and I told him, "Thanks, now go fuck yourself".

I'm not trying to sound like an ass, but when there's an older salesman trying to rip off teenagers because you think they don't know what they're talking about... kys
New site:

At the time of this post I am currently uploading some files through my FTP client, so if you happen to see a dysfunctional site, give it some time.

The current site is an old site I made as a joke. It's just something to have on the site. I've always wanted to have my own forums, so I'm probably going to set the main directory of the site for forums, and everything else put into a separate directory. It's basically going to be very similar to this site, but with my own style and shit.

Note: The site isn't compatible with anything but desktop/laptop browsers. You may have to mess with the zoom settings for it to display properly.

NOTICE: No double/spam posting is allowed in this thread. You could have made a new topic in this subforum for announcing your domain/forum development. Anyway please don't use FTP Clients and other stuff like that. Get yourself a self managed VPS (use something like Ubuntu thru Digital Ocean). With FTP clients thru restricted web hosts, you're gonna run into a lot of permission/admin issues.

Nice domain though, I like it. Nice and short.

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