Banned Players (unofficial list for MKWPP reference)
[Image: jp.png]Nagisa - Reason: Rapid Fire
^Added. Thank you.

I don't think there is enough proof yet. Also, @Star is that program public?
The program is not public, I'm taking a wild guess and say he will release it after a few more 'famous' ppl are caught and convicted.

The wiki tockdom has more than enough info on rkg files to make your own program, or hell you could even make this into a mkwii ASM code using some other graphical text code or OSFatal to display the results (or better yet dump the results to a text file on the nand)
I think he would catch a lot more people if he made it public, also that sounds somewhat hard to do. TT rules are such a mess anyways. (why is this thread in the NON-hacking section as well lol)
'Hacking' is referring to codes, textures, game exploits, etc. Not about mkwii players hacking/cheating their TTs
The program is not public. There are a few reasons as to why this is:
1) I have already downloaded and checked all ghosts from, so there is not much else to check.
2) Many people do not understand how it's detection mechanisms work. This could lead to false convictions.
[Image: GiVNKqR.png]
OK yeah, fair points
Based on this thread
I'm guessing suiryu is gonna be on pending/freeze list?

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