Banned Players (unofficial list for MKWPP reference)
NOTE: In purgatory as I don't do any updates/work for the MKWPP anymore.

Banned Players (unofficial list for MKWPP reference)

NOTE: This is a list for personal use. This is not an official ban list for any 3rd party website.

[Image: jp.png]Mander (mandermka) - Reason: Live Replay, Rapid Fire/Slow Mo
[Image: at.png]Walter (Black, Blackboi, Razor, MKWiiRec, TheMKWChamp, Guggi, Yuka4Life, Mia) - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: pr.png]Jorge (MARIO) - Reason: Rapid Fire/Slow Mo
[Image: jp.png]Nagisa - Reason: Rapid Fire/Slow Mo
[Image: es.png]RusoX - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: gb.png]Jay (God, Jay Batten) - Reason: Live Replay, Rapid Fire/Slow Mo, Confession
[Image: ie.png]Daniel - Reason: Live Replay, Confession
[Image: no.png]Barney - Reason: Live Replay, Confession
[Image: de.png]F1nn (Artur Baur) - Reason: Rapid Fire/Slow Mo, Confession
[Image: de.png]Dused - Reason: Rapid Fire/Slow Mo
[Image: fr.png]Nooboss (Matthieu) - Reason: Rapid Fire/Slow Mo
[Image: us.png]Andy (Andrew Tran, KiraYamatoGXX) - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: es.png]Paco (King Paco, Paco Gaita) - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: us.png]Malleo - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: mx.png]Bechito - Reason: Rapid Fire/Slow Mo
[Image: es.png]Fapencio (Fappy, PekeLexi, Alex, MTAlexMKWii) - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: us.png]Colvin - Reason: Live Replay, Confession
[Image: us.png]Raiga - Reason: Live Replay, Confession
[Image: es.png]Shanan - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: de.png]Bryce (not the Bryce from USA) - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: gb.png]Casey-B (127mk7 from Japan; Sanma San imposter) - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: ca.png]Shwam (Tyler, Poptarts) - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: fr.png]Victor (The4Victor) - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: dk.png]Yasu (Patrick, Aaron) - Reason: Confession
[Image: de.png]Neo (Not the Neos that is known for his rDKJP talent) - Reason: Speed Hack, Video Manipulation
[Image: ie.png]Kevin (Indiana from Australia) - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: mx.png]Dashii - Reason: Rapid Fire/Slow Mo
[Image: de.png]Huppi (Crank) - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: us.png]MarioFan - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: us.png]David (Mel) - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: au.png]Ignite - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: fi.png]Lumina - Reason: Confession
[Image: jp.png]Luvier - Reason: Confession
[Image: no.png]YoshiKecleon978 - Reason: Rapid Fire/Slow Mo, Confession
[Image: de.png]Sun - Reason: Live Replay, Confession
[Image: fr.png]Silver (not the Silver from USA) - Reason: Rapid Fire/Slow Mo
[Image: fr.png]Acid - Reason: Rapid Fire/Slow Mo
[Image: de.png]Rocky (Rocky1337mk) - Reason: Rapid Fire/Slow Mo, Video Manipulation
[Image: jp.png]kel - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: ca.png]Joel (Ghetto, Seek) - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: de.png]Ryuga - Reason: Live Replay, Rapid Fire/Slow Mo
[Image: gr.png]Relax - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: us.png]Jimmey - Reason: Live Replay, Rapid Fire/Slow Mo
[Image: us.png]Jesse - Reason: Live Replay; Rapid Fire/Slow Mo
[Image: jp.png]ふしぎなアメ - Reason: Rapid FIre/Slow Mo

Frozen/Pending Players

[Image: jp.png]Suiryu - Reason: Multiple WR's and other WW tops without any ghost data.
[Image: es.png]Serxiow - Reason: Evidence supporting use of Slow Mo, refuses to prove legitimacy
[Image: jp.png]Teremi - Reason: See note below*
[Image: us.png]Bailey - Reason: False Time Submissions (sent Dolphin-made times as legit times)
[Image: au.png]Desire - Reason: False Time Submissions
[Image: ch.png]Swikan - Reason: Achieved two former WW tops, with very little track history
[Image: us.png]Pieboy - Reason: False Time Submissions
[Image: fr.png]Shayna (Dimitori Sensei) Reason: Originally banned from Wiimmfi League for "TAS-ing". Yet, no actual evidence that he has TASed. Former links to 'proof' are no longer working.

**Teremi posted a "WR" vid of CM on March 19th, 2014. He claimed it was WR, then almost 2 weeks later, April 1st came along. He then randomly changed the title by taking out the [WR] and adding [TAS], (claiming it was an April Fool's joke). It's obvious he tried passing off that time as legit then tried using April Fool's as an excuse when he couldn't commit with his decision. There is no actual proof that he intended to post a cheated time as a legitimate time, only reasonable articulate suspicion, so he's put on the Pending list instead of the Banned list.
Update: Html page removed. All content moved to this thread.
Should add Shayna to the list
Is there any proof that this person has cheated? Convo pics? Rapid fire from ghost data? Confession?

Not 100% sure if him using Rapid Fire code evidence is still there due to deleted videos and gifs besides his intro. But, that's most of the proof I can find atm.
Looks to be enough reasonable articulate suspicion to add him to the Pending players list. But I see no actual evidence (such as confirmed ghost data) that he used RapidFire. There's no way to 'prove' save states/TAS-code unless -- he admits it, makes an impossible time (like 57.9 rYF), tweaks the last lap of a copied ghost (like Guru did back in 09), or is dumb enough to stream the shit and upload it as 'legit'.

I noticed there was a post about him using Dolphin. Did he also try to say his Dolphin times were made on an actual Wii console?

Anyway, back on point. Shayna added on Pending/Frozen players list.
Woo back in here again with another update that should be added on the list.
[Image: us.png]Colvin
- Live Replay/Slow-Mo(Confessed)

Updated, thank you.
(02-15-2018, 08:35 PM)Vega Wrote: [Image: fr.png]Victor (The4Victor) - Reason: Live Replay

Victor never used live replay
This was logged in over 5 years ago. The server I had data collected (for evidence purposes) is long gone. The list is here for reference purposes hence why its labeled as unofficial.

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