Replace/Edit Bootstrap Screen on ISO
NOTE: This guide assumes you are somewhat familiar with WIT/SZS Tools. This guide is meant for intermediate users, not beginners. Linux is used in this guide. Guide works for both raw ISO files and WBFS files.

In this guide, the english (U) version of the Wii Remote Boot Strap images for the RMCE01 game are edited.

1. cd (location of copied wbfs)
2. Example: /home/yourusername/isos/NTSCU.wbfs
3. wit extract NTSCU.wbfs /home/yourusername/Test
4. Test folder in step 3 must be created by the command, not beforehand
5. cd /home/yourusername/Test/DATA/files/Boot/Strap/us

NOTE: (there will be no DATA directory if ISO/WBFS is scrubbed)

6. wszst xd English.szs

Side NOTE: xd command is a shortcut for "extract --decode-all"

7. There will now be a English.szs.d directory. In that folder, is a "Textures (NW4R)" folder. Within that is your bootstrap files and their decoded png images respectively.
8a. (editing current images) If you want to edit the png images, simply do that with any image editor (I like to use Gimp on Linux). Make sure you overwrite the existing file, do NOT alter the file name!
8b. (new images) If you want entirely new images, remove old images, and simply add in your own images. Be sure the images has the correct size for the ones you deleted. You must also rename the new images to have the same exact file names as the ones that were removed.
9. Once all png image files are edited/replaced, DELETE all the corresponding non-png files.
10. Delete the current English.szs file
11. cd back to the ../Boot/Strap/us on terminal if you are not there.
12. wszst create ./English.szs.d --encode-all
13. New file called English.szs.szs is created. Rename it to English.szs
14. cd /home/yourusername
15. wit copy ./Test /home/yourusername/neweditedwbfs.wbfs

Now boot the ISO/WBFS, you will see your new/edited Bootstrap images. Congratz!
Thanks for making this, I want to create a custom bootsplash for my new Game Mode

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