Starting Points for all Players in Battle [Bully]
Starting Points for all Players in Battle [Bully]

Offline only. Also known as Starting Total Player Score Modifier. This code will add XXXX amount of points to every player after the 1st battle is done. For example if you used XXXX values of 0019 (25 in decimal), once you do a Battle, everyone will get their points plus 25 extra.

0452B19C 3960XXXX
0452B280 38A0XXXX

0452FCE4 3960XXXX
0452FDC8 38A0XXXX

0452F664 3960XXXX
0452F748 38A0XXXX

0451DD3C 3960XXXX
0451DE20 38A0XXXX

XXXX = Any desired number in Hex. Both XXXX values must be equal!

Code created by: Bully

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