Line Colour Changer [Gskartwii]
Line Colour Changer [Gskartwii]

048A44D4 RRGGBBWW - Japan
048A44D8 RRGGBBWW - North America
048A44DC RRGGBBWW - Europe
048A44E0 RRGGBBWW - Australia
048A44E4 RRGGBBWW - Korea
048A44EC RRGGBBWW - Taiwan, China, Unused Region ID's

048A9E00 RRGGBBWW - North America
048A9E04 RRGGBBWW - Europe
048A9E08 RRGGBBWW - Australia
048A9E0C RRGGBBWW - Korea
048A9E14 RRGGBBWW - Taiwan, China, Unused Region ID's

048A8F5C RRGGBBWW - Japan
048A8F60 RRGGBBWW - North America
048A8F64 RRGGBBWW - Europe
048A8F68 RRGGBBWW - Australia
048A8F6C RRGGBBWW - Korea
048A8F74 RRGGBBWW - Taiwan, China, Unused Region ID's

0489825C RRGGBBWW - Japan
04898260 RRGGBBWW - North America
04898264 RRGGBBWW - Europe
04898268 RRGGBBWW - Australia
0489826C RRGGBBWW - Korea
04898274 RRGGBBWW - Taiwan, China, Unused Region ID's

RR = Red
GG = Green
BB = Blue
WW = Alpha

- Client sided

Code Creator: Gskartwii
Code Contributor: H3AT
[Image: GiVNKqR.png]
You labeled this as client sided, are you saying the effects of the code work on other people's screen? That is impossible. Whatever changes are done on line color to StaticR.rel only effect you. Plus, please test this code for every version of MKW, on the first 6 region IDs. Normally the code to change line color is 7 lines long for each version to compensate changing the line color for each official nintendo region ID. Google your NTSC-U code and take a look at the you-know-what forums.
Client sided means it only affects your game, server sided means everyone else would be able to see it. You are correct about the latter part. It came to my head after the fact. Just double checking in RAM can confirm.
[Image: hxywpa.png]
Something that puzzles me is that there are other colours, probably unused. I am guessing that modifying white will change all that use it (Taiwan, China, and all unused region id's).
[Image: GiVNKqR.png]
Ye I think you are correct about the Taiwan, China part. Those two region IDs (plus all others 7 - FFFF) don't have a color configured so they default to FFFFFFFF (white , max alpha).

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