Patch Region VS/Battle Slot in ISO/WBFS
Patch Region VS/Battle Slot in ISO/WBFS

Guide is designed for use in Linux. Guide assumes you are somewhat familiar with WIT & SZS Tools. Please note that this doesn't change the line color underneath your name on WiFi. This also works for WBFS files.

For the ocarina cheat code version of this, go to this thread -

1. Make a copy of your ISO, rename it whatever helps you know its a copy ready for editing.
2. Open a terminal & cd to the location of your copied ISO
3. wit extract ExampleTest.iso /home/yourusername/Test (do not create Test folder beforehand or else WIT will show an error, the wit command will create the folder for you)
4. StaticR.rel is now located in /home/yourusername/Test/DATA/files/rel/StaticR.rel (you will not have a DATA folder if your ISO/WBFS is fully scrubbed)
5. cd /home/username/Test/DATA/files/rel/StaticR.rel
6. wstrt analyze StaticR.rel
7. No patches should be present, original version of StaticR.rel should be found
8. wstrt patch StaticR.rel --region X
X Values:
0 = Japan
1 = Americas
2 = Europe
3 = Oceania
4 = Taiwan
5 = South Korea
6 = China
9. wstrt analyze StaticR.rel
10. Two items should be listed - Version patch found and Battle patch found
11. cd /home/yourusername
12. wit copy ./Test /home/yourusername/ExampleDone.iso
13. add ISO to USB, congratz

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