About GCN Trigger Glitch
About the GCN Trigger Glitch

To GCN Users: Have you ever deactivated a code, but it didn't deactivate and it only happened with the L/R triggers? Well this is because of the design of the GCN and actually has nothing to do with a faulty code, Wii, ISO, etc. We call this the 'GCN Trigger Glitch'.

The GCN comes with two type types of buttons. Standard membrane buttons and spring actuated buttons. The L/R buttons are the only spring actuated buttons. These spring buttons are designed with a 'two-stage' trigger like feature. Two-stage meaning you have a first motion of travel, then you get to a 'wall'. After that, more force is needed to get past this 'wall' and enter into the second short stage of motion of travel to full compression of the button. You will hear an audible click once you pass the 'wall'.

For unknown reasons, regardless of what cheat codes you are using with the L/R buttons as deactivators, if you don't press your button past that first stage (receive audible click/go pass the 'wall'), then your code won't deactivate.This can obviously happen to an activator too if set to L/R button(s). A tutorial to change a code configuration to stop the glitch entirely can be foundĀ HERE
You can see the raw inputs of the GCN controller in RAM at 0xCD006405. The value needed to bypass the analog stage is >= 96.
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