Rules/Code of Conduct/Banning
Rules; CoC (Code of Conduct); Banning:

I. Strike System; Banning

When a user violates a rule they will receive a strike. However please read the other chapters below as some rule violations may skip the strike system and result immediately in a Perma/Indefinite Ban.

1st Strike - Warning
2nd Strike - 48 Hour Ban
3rd Strike - 1 Month Ban
4th Strike - Perma/Indefinite Ban

II. Spam

No spam of any kind. It's fine to double post IF NEEDED. 'Low-level' spam will follow the strike system. However if the user's account appeared to be created for the sole purpose of spam, then the resulting consequence will be a Perma/Indefinite Ban.

III. Content/Downloads

No graphical, sexual or illegal content of any kind. Do NOT post any download links that violate any copyright laws! That includes, but is not limited to, downloads of any games or parts of games. If you post a thread that allows content to be downloaded, be absolutely sure you are not violating copyright laws. Simple mistakes with downloads will follow the strike system. However, blatantly posted graphical, sexual and/or illegal content will result in a Perma/Indefinite Ban.

IV. Reputation

The forums include a feature to give 'reputation/rep' to users. A user with higher rep is considered to be trustworthy while users with lower (negative rep) are not considered to be trustworthy. Therefore, this rep system is somewhat important and shouldn't be manipulated. 

Thus, any user downgrading another user's reputation for (what I consider) no legitimate reason is against the rules. Violating this rule will follow the Strike system.

V. 'Gutting' Your Own Posts/Threads

No 'gutting' your own posts/threads. What does this mean? Well if a user makes posts and/or threads with content that is considered 'quality/valuable' information of any kind, then later edits those posts to remove said content, then this is considered by me an attempt to 'wipe' important MKWii history. This action will be considered as harsh spam and will result in a Perma/Indefinite Ban.

VI. COPPA Compliance

COPPA is a law passed in the US in 2000. Due to the law, and to protect against lawsuits, if you claim you are under 13 years of age, your account will be perma-banned. Nobody is allowed to have an account if they are under 13 years of age.

VII. Code of Conduct

Insulting/threatening others is against the CoC. Punishment will follow the strike system. This will include PMs as well. The user receiving the insults/threads from another user via PM must provide some sort of proof such as a screenshot of their Inbox displaying the insult/thread. Sending insults of any kind towards the admin (me) will instead result in a Perma/Indefinite Ban.

VIII. Privacy

This seems to be the biggest issue in the entire Mario Kart Wii community. Do not post other people's personal/private information unless you have their full consent. The term personal/private has some subjectivity, so let's apply some common sense here. Something such as a person's favorite color is not 'personal/private' under this rule. Something such as a person's Tax ID Number definitely is.

Violating this rule is a serious offense and will result in a Perma/Indefinite Ban. Personal/private information includes (but is not limited to) last names, middle names, irl pictures/videos, links to irl social media accounts, government ID number(s), addresses, phone numbers, IP addresses, and location of residence. Information posted by a Forum Member that may not be conclusive to whether or not its personal/private will lead to a Moderator/Admin to send out a Warning. After the Warning, if said Forum Member posts that same in-question information again, that will result in a Perma/Indefinite Ban.

Also no 'half-leaks'. Basically half-leaks are leaking a hint or clue that can reveal (with average intelligence) something that is personal/private to a user.

IX. Discussing About Bans on the Forum, Appealing Bans

It is NOT allowed to discuss any ban(s) here on the site unless it's via PM's. Doesn't matter if it's about your ban, somebody else's ban, a group ban, or any combination thereof. If you feel your Ban is 'unjust', PM me. You also have the option to PM me over discord - vega8365.

X. Bypassing Bans

Bypassing a ban will always result in a Perma Ban/Indefinite. Any user helping another user bypass a Ban will also receive a Perma/Indefinite Ban.

XI. Sub-Forums and/or Threads (by the Admin) w/ Extra Rules

Some sub-forums or threads that were created by the Admin (me), may have additional rules to follow. For example, the 'Make it to 1000' thread has a rule against double posting regardless of the reason. Be sure to read a thread's original post for additional rules. If an entire sub-forum has additional rules; there will be a sticky thread provided. Be sure to read that sticky thread. Violating any additional rules will follow the Strike System.

XII. Discord Server

The rules are not just limited to these forums. They also apply to the's Discord Server.

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