Character Rankings
MKW Character Rankings

All credits to XeR

This will be an opinionated list of what are the best characters for each weight class. There are three stats that I consider 'critical'. Those are Speed, MT and Weight. We can all agree that Speed is the most important. After that, some will say MT boost for extra speed gain during turns, while others will claim Weight is the 2nd most important stat because of WiFi lag bumps. Well, if you play offline a lot, MT is the obvious choice. In regards to WiFi, it depends. If you are a solid front runner (and/or you are good at dodging lag bumps) then MT is the better stat. If you are usually in the middle of the pack (especially if you main a Lightweight character), then Weight is the obvious more important stat. Here is my list of stat importance based on my opinion that MT ranks above Weight.

1. Speed (Max speed limit)
2. Mini Turbo (Amount of boost from MT)
3. Weight (Self explanatory, helps against lag bumps on WiFi)
4. Drift (Turning ability during drift)
5. Offroad (Self explanatory)
6. Handling (Turning ability when not in drift,pretty useless stat)
7. Acceleration (Self explanatory, only good if you can't do respawn MT's consistently?)

Best Lightweight Characters:
1. Baby Daisy (2 Speed, 1 MT, 2 Weight) She is wayyyyy overpowered!
2. Baby Luigi (2 Speed, 3 Weight) Not a bad 2nd option on Wifi considering you need as much weight as possible when using a Lightweight character online.
3. Small Mii (1 Speed, 1 MT, 1 Weight, 1 Offroad) Well rounded!
4. Baby Peach (1 Speed, 2 Weight, 1 Handling, 1 Accel)
5. Toadette (1 Speed, 2 Offroad)
6. Dry Bones (2 MT, 1 Drift, 1 Accel)
7. Koopa (2 MT, 1 Handling)
8. Baby Mario (3 Weight, 2 Handling)
9. Toad (2 Drift, 2 Accel) Straight garbage! Avoid the Mushroom Head, lol.

Best Middleweight Characters:
1. Daisy (2 Speed, 1 MT, 1 Handling) Overpowered, no point using any other character.
2. Medium Mii (1 Speed, 1 MT, 1 Weight, 1 Drift) You could use this because its well rounded, but Daisy is still too good to consider using Medium Mii
3. Luigi (1 Speed, 2 Weight)
4. Peach ( 1 Speed, 2 Drift, 2 Accel)
5. Birdo (2 MT, 1 Weight, 1 Offroad)
6. Diddy Kong (2 MT, 1 Drift 1, Accel)
7. Bowser Jr, (1 MT, 1 Offroad)
8. Mario (2 Weight, 1 Accel, 1 Handling, 1 Drift)
9. Yoshi (1 Weight, 1 Drift, 2 Offroad)

Best Heavyweight Characters:
1. Funky Kong (2 Speed, 1 Offroad) Funky Rules All
2. Rosalina (1 Speed, 1 Handling, 1 MT) The MT boost actually helps quite a bit for her to compete with Funky Kong, viable 2nd option
3. Bowser (1 Speed, 2 Weight, 1 Drift) If you worry a lot about lag bumps, this can sort of be a viable option??
4. Large Mii (1 Speed, 1 Accel, 1 Handling, 1 Drift)
5. Wario (2 MT, 1 Weight, 1 Offroad)
6. Dry Bowser (2 MT, 2 Offroad) Overrated character in my opinion, some ppl will swear that hes a viable 2nd option cuz MT MT MT!!, but with 0 Speed Stat, he simply loses too much time 
7. Donkey Kong (1 MT, 1 Weight, 1 Accel, 1 Handling)
8. Waluigi (2 Drift, 1 Offroad, 2 Accel)
9. King Boo (1 Offroad, 2 Handling) If you use this character, there's no help for you! Not only that, you can't even use him for a one-off race on rSL for offroad considering Dry Bowser has a stat of 2 Offroad!
You missed Toad, Yoshi and Waluigi
LOL. Thx, fixed.
I’m so glad you ranked daisy as the best in middle weight class. I used to main her and dolphin dasher when I played online back in the day

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